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MISC-----why not the best of both worlds?

believerinHashem Posted - 05 May 2002 18:47

If I believe that there is a Hashem, and He gave a Torah to the Jews, and that Torah we have now is the one He gave, and I try to fulfill Hashem's mitzvot, I have a ticket to Olam Haba.

So then certain things in this world, that are not against the Torah, like non-jewish music, why can't I have the best of both worlds? Although its not good for my Neshama, etc.,I can still do all the Mitzvos (It makes it harder but it's possible) and have the best of this world. I'm not looking for excuses, I'm just looking to have an intellectual answer why not.

MODERATOR Posted - 05 May 2002 20:31

If its not good for your Neshoma that means it weakens you spiritually. Either in terms of lowering your Ruchnius level, or giving you more Nisyonos, or lots of other ways. These things, although they may not be aveiros per se, they weaken your resistance to the Yetzer Horah in general.

Also, there is the issue of Kedoshim Tihiyu, which means that not only do we have to live by the letter of the law but also to life a lifestyle that is in accordance with holiness. Things like non-Jewish music, even if they are not aveiros per se, are certainly a contradiction to holiness.

But things like non-Jewish music nowadays are, as a rule, total Nivul Peh and Divrei Cheshek and are assur according to Halachah.

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