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CHIZUK-----for extreme nisayon 2

oksonowwhat Posted - 07 March 2002 17:05

I have a major problem. at work there is a non-jewish guy who is very nice and very good looking (and single). i find it to be a big challenge for me to work with someone like this since I'm single and wishing i were married.

Why would Hashem do this to me? doesn't he realize how vulnerable i am. why did he cause a non accessible person to join my company (which has a majority of jewish ppl working there) and make him so attractive.

I don't work with him on a regular basis but i see him at least a few times a week. still this is a challenge.... i want to be good, but it's not easy.

My challenge is not to speak to him more than i need to, but it's very hard!

Please give me chizuk, moderator.

MODERATOR Posted - 13 March 2002 16:07

Question: What is our job in this world?

Wrong answer #1: "To do Mitzvos"

Wrong answer #2: "To be frum"

Right answer: "To beat Nisyonos."

That is the answer given by the Mesillas yeshorim. The reason the first two answers are wrong is because if you have two people, A and B, and A does more Mitzvos than B, but B passes more Nisyonos than A -- B is a bigger Tzadik.

Meaning, A had an easier time in this world, and therefore was able to do more. But B tried harder. And that makes B a bigger Tzadik, even if, because his Nisyonos were more difficult, accomplished less.

A Nisayon is to be looked at as a mission. A special task given to you by Hashem. It was given specifically to you because Hashem believes you are the best person in the world to deal with this particular Nisayon. he could have given it to a great Gadol, and maybe it would have been passed easier; but Hashem gave it to YOU.

It's like these government special sleeper agents that are placed in foreign countries all their lives waiting years and years for the day when the USA will call them and say "It's time to roll."

Hashem is telling you something. He is saying "Oksonowwhat, I put you in this world and gave you the Torah to prepare you for your missions. This mission I am giving to you. It's time to roll."

Of course, Hashem gives us missions every day. Some easier and some harder. But when something special" like this comes up, it means Hashem is giving you a special mission. Staying away from this guy is the way you fulfill the mission Hashem gave you. Agents don't always understand why they are given a certain task - thats classified. And often, only Hashem is privy to why certain of his "agents" get certain jobs.

But he gave this one to you. Through His Hashgachah, He has His eyes on you, Kavyochol, your file on His desk, and His decision was ---- Oksonowwhat is the person for this job." Kavyochol, of course.

Be strong, my friend. Bear in mind that Hashem hasn't abandoned you by putting you in this position, on the contrary, this position was custom designed for you.

We're all in this world to earn our keep. This is your opportunity for you to earn yours.

You know what you have to do. Now go do it.

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