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HASHEM-----why not create just olam haba? 2

rosie16 Posted - 21 May 2003 19:44

I don’t think it is fair that we are born in the first place. I don’t understand the purpose of the world and I know that ppl say it’s to do mitzvos but the majority of the world sins and will be punished.

This world is filled with pleasures that end fast to trap us and then I look forward to burning in the next world. I just don’t see a point in living. I have asked this question to many ppl but they haven’t given me an answer that satisfies me so I was hoping that you will come up with one. thanx.

Please write back to me an answer and you don’t have to post this.

MODERATOR Posted - 21 May 2003 22:09

Your question is a good one. The Shem Mishmuel brings it. Here's the answer:

Imagine a guy who spends all his life investing money. he keeps losing a thousand dollars every day, and but once a year he makes a million.

That’s worth it, no?

Even though he messed up on 364 investments and only succeeded on one, still, "one minute of success is worth months of failure", in such a case.

So too, all the pain we go through in Gehinnom for is more than worth it for a single little Mitzvah that we do. The reward for one Mitzvah is so great that it makes it worth doing even a lifetime of aveiros and suffering their punishments just to get it.

bjgirl86 Posted - 29 May 2003 17:33

No its not-- you should just be born in Olam haba or whatever, perfect. Everyone's fate is the same-- go thru this world, spend a certain amount of time in hell, and then everyone ends up in heaven. That’s where our lives should start.

MODERATOR Posted - 29 May 2003 19:10

Please see the Basic Judaism forum. Since G-d wanted us to have the greatest reward possible, it is impossible, even for G-d, to put us straight into Olam Habbah. Justice and honesty demand that if a person earns his way he deserves more. So had G-d put us straight into Gan Eden, we would have come to Him with a complaint: "G-d", we would say, "If I would have worked for my reward, would I deserve more than if I don’t?"

"Yes, of course" the answer would be.

"Then why" we would say, "didn’t you put me on a world with the Yetzer Horah so that I would be able to EARN my way here and get more reward? I definitely would have preferred that!"

So G-d created only those people who He knew would be best off by being put onto this world with opportunities. And He made sure we all benefit by making the reward for a single Mitzvah worth all the suffering that we can get by doing aveiros.

starfish Posted - 22 June 2003 15:08

You said - "if a man invests money all his life and loses thousands of dollars every day but once a year makes a million dollars, is it worth it?

Well yea it’s worth it if its just money but this is life we're talking about and I don’t think it’s worth it.

ppl suffer so freaking much I think we could’ve all been better off without it.

You've been through suffering too, and you have been through happy times too so would you say that your few extremely happy moments, (birth of children, marriage of children , marriage, etc.) would you say its worth it for all the garbage that life throws at you daily?

MODERATOR Posted - 22 June 2003 15:12

What makes it all worth it is Olam Habah - where you’re going to be for millions and millions of years. You’re only here on this world for a few moments, relatively. Someone who would give up billions of years of infinite pleasure for a few moments of some suffering is insane.

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