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TEEN ISSUES-----healthy dieting

starfish Posted - 19 February 2003 17:18

I don’t have any eating disorder, and I’m not anorexic- but I’m dying to be skinny . I don't look fat ,and I know it, (even though sometimes I say I do) but I feel so gross and fat especially around skinny people.

Sometimes I wont eat anything all day and then at night when nobody's around I’ll eat something, sometimes I’ll work out for a half-hour and burn hundreds of calories at a time, I know there are ways to lose weight , but they all take so long and most of the time they don’t even work-- it's so frustrating at times..

I don’t want to just be satisfied with the way I look because I know that I’m much happier when I’m skinnier and I look and feel so much better. I don’t want to become anorexic or take any weight-loss pills but I want to be skinny so bad and that's the only way to succeed in doing that, quickly and effectively. got any ideas?

MODERATOR Posted - 19 February 2003 18:42

Yes. Go to your local doctor and ask him to give you guidelines for how to lose weight safely and effectively. If you starve yourself your body will kick itself into starvation-emergency mode, and make sure it gets used to functioning on much less calories. This means your metabolism is killed, which means that it becomes harder and harder to lose weight. Your body does this to protect itself from emaciation, which is what you are trying to do to it when you deprive it of sufficient nutrients.

To lose weight, you MUST do it slowly or it won’t work. Eat HEALTHY foods; cut out all junk. Work out 4x a week, doing a combination of resistance (weight) exercises and cardio/aerobic. Take the proper vitamins and supplements. All this is a science, and your doctor can explain what formula is right for YOU.

I know it takes a while, but imagine had you begun one year ago. One year ago was just yesterday, but in that year you could easily lose whatever weight you need to reach a comfortable but safe goal. And I am willing to bet you don’t need anything close to a year.

starfish Posted - 03 March 2003 5:20

Moderator- a year is way too long! my friend lost 30 pounds in a month by starving herself but I don’t want to - I just wish there was another way to do that... and she looks so much better now and she is keeping the weight off.. I want something that works fast! I'm not waiting a year

MODERATOR Posted - 03 March 2003 5:42

A year seems to long now, but if you would have started last year - which I am sure seems like just yesterday - what would you look like now? Next year is right around the corner. What will you look like then?

Your friend who lost 30 pounds in a month starved herself, destroyed her metabolism, lost muscle mass much more than fat, and obviously has other issues as well. She did not do herself any favors, and will likely gain back her weight quickly now that her body thinks it's living in a concentration camp and learned to subsist on little or no food; either that or, if she continues starving herself, will need serious medical attention, most likely in an in-house facility. You would do her a favor if you would get her to see a doctor before she hurts herself more than she already did. She needs one.

The only way to lose weight that is both healthy and permanent is like by losing not more than about 1% of your total body weight per week.

If you are a size 4-6 then, as you say, you are not "fat". However, I am suggesting eating healthy, especially eliminating junk food, and exercising, because that is always beneficial regardless of what you weigh. Your body will form itself into its best possible shape, and - this is key for you here - if you follow that path you will feel better about the way you look. If your body knows you are taking care of it properly, it repays you by giving you a feeling of well-being and satisfaction with it.

It is not the weight that you need to lose, but the feeling of needing to lose it. The best way to get rid of that feeling, short of medical or psychological attention, is by eating a healthy, balanced diet, and exercising regularly. If that doesn’t work, then we will deal.

1&only Posted - 16 June 2003 9:22

ssos' your diet thing sounds very reasonable, but my mom just read me out of an ed book that ketosis is dangerous and can cause kidney or heart failure or something and that's why lots of dr's say Atkins is bad.

You know, I discovered on this site how easy it is to preach to ppl about eating right and enough and all that w/o doing it yourself. btw- how many grams of fat are you supposed to get a day? Everyone tells me s/t different. (not how many grams to gain weight, just to stay the way you are.)

MODERATOR Posted - 16 June 2003 9:43

Ketosis is unhealthy in the long term (though it wont make you slip on an ice patch and crack your skull), and the fad diets don’t work. The only thing that will work in the long term is to eat HEALTHY. As I said previously - lose not more than 1% of total body weight per week, and eat a balanced diet of, according to most "shitos", about 50% carbs, 30% protein and 20% fat. If you ingest more calories than you burn, you will gain weight, regardless of whether those calories are protein or carbs. If you ingest less calories than you burn, then, if you keep your metabolism healthy by not starving yourself; you will not lose weight if you shock your system into starvation mode by making it think that you are living in a concentration camp.

And you need to exercise as well.

The "meal replacement" bars are also pretty much a scam. Compare one Slim Fast bar to one slice of Betz Boyz frozen pizza:

Betz Boys, 1 slice: cal-160 carbs-22 gr protein-8 gr fat-4.5 gr

Slim Fast bar, brownie: cal-220 carbs-35 gr protein-8 gr fat-5 gr

Another problem with the no/low carb diets is that if you rely on the nutritional information on labels you will be disappointed. There are some carbs - sugars - that they are not obligated to list. You can calculate this on your own by adding up all the calories you consumed in a day based on the figures on the labels. Then calculate the amount of calories based on total carb grams x 4, protein grams x 4, and fat grams x 9 (those are the amount of calories in one gram of each). You will find that the number of calories you consumed calculated the first way exceeds the number of calories consumed calculated the second way. Those are the "hidden carbs."

This is one of the "secrets" of the dieticians that allow them to provide you with better results when you use them as private consultants rather than doing the calorie-carb counting yourself. They calculate the carb/calorie ratio differently than you do. You would probably not find those hidden sugars in your diet.

A healthy balance of good nutrition and exercise is the only real way to lose weight and keep it lost.

Advice: Ask your doctor what diet is best for you.

You will find that that number exceeds the amount of calories

holdingitallin Posted - 23 July 2003 14:47

Ok first let me sidetrack a little b/c I have a question for mod and this is under the halacha forum so...

Just wanted to know if I purge do I make a brachah achrona?

And also what abt being fleishig? (like if I threw it all up)

MODERATOR Posted - 23 July 2003 14:54

You are definitely fleishig even if you purge. Even if you do not swallow meat but merely chewed it, it makes you fleishig.

If you purge, you should make sure to make a bracha achrona BEFORE you purge. If you did not do it until then, you have a safek brachah and you should not make it.

(I know this may sound as if purging is not a problem. If it does, I don’t mean it to. I know, though, that these shailos are real for you, and I am dealing accordingly. Please get professional help.)

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