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ZIONISM / RELIGIOUS-----tefilah rally

hadtosaythis Posted - 23 May 2002 22:25


I apologize if I was unclear. None of my comments were aimed at you; I was solely responding to WanderingSoul's post. What came across as "insulting rhetoric" was in truth only my dismay at the fact that Jews would purposely abstain for praying for the lives of other Jews because they are worried that it will be misconstrued as implicit support for the State.

The people who are poresh min hatzibur that I referred to, were not those who don’t say the Mi'Sheberach for Tzahal (although as you know I'm not wildly excited about that either) but to those who boycotted the Tefilla Rally, whose position Wandering Soul was espousing.

I said that praying for the lives of Jews should not be refrained from because biderech hatevah that can only happen through the success of Tzahal, which by the way everybody (except for the Neturei Karta) agrees there is a need for, even Satmar.

I was very upset that what seems to be a purely political objection caused Jews to refrain from joining the Tzibur that Friday in Manhattan. I apologize for the ambiguity. I did not mean to accuse you of opposing to daven for other Jews.

MODERATOR Posted - 26 May 2002 21:57



Those who organized the Tefilah rally also do not constitute "the" Tzibur of Klall Yisroel. In fact, the Lakewood Yeshiva was one of those who decided not to go. If we want to pray, they said, we don’t have to spend time traveling a few hours each way. Learning during that time is more important.

Just because someone didn’t come to the rally doesn’t mean he didn’t pray, and if he didn’t pray then doesn’t mean he’s not going to pray, perhaps even more than those who went to the rally, later.

There is no Sanhedrin HaGadol that determines the "Tzibur" in Klall Yisroel. Everyone has their own Rabbonim and Manhigim, and no one such leader is bound to any other. Even a minority is not bound to the beliefs or behaviors of the majority.

If your Manhig and your Tzibur did something and you felt it wasn’t important enough to do, then you are a Poresh Min HaTzibur, but if your Tzibur does not think that the acts of other Tziburim are appropriate or important enough to do, that is their right.

If you can show that the Tzibur's position was wrong, that is a legitimate discussion. But to say that any given Tzibur is bound to the decisions of other ones is not.

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