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ZIONISM / RELIGIOUS-----long list of gedolim?

Mod - For the sake of clarity would you mind posting a list of those poskim and Gedolim that felt that the shalosh shevuos don't apply anymore? I recently became aware that the list is quite impressive.

I would imagine that this is what they told you at some Yom Haatzmaut lecture or something of the sort. The fact is that no such list exists, which is why you have to ask me for it; whoever told you about this "list" surely did not produce it.

What is important here is that every single reason the Zionists have given to try to negate the Oaths (and the vast majority if not all of them are listed on this site) have not only been made into confetti, but most of their claims have already been addressed and disproved way before these Zionist mentioned them. They are mostly the "hava aminas" - the preliminary ideas - of the Gedolim that they have concluded are untrue. The Zionists took these already-disproved thoughts and served them up as if they are something that they thought of as a response.

They will surely come up with people like Rav Kook (after that it goes downhill), but his approach to Zionism is clearly not the result of Halachic or Hashkafic due process, but rather his emotional expressions, and thus he came up with statements like he made about the soccer players, which are totally unfathomable. That is why he was not accepted as an authority outside of Zionist circles - we need serious Torah thought, not poetic dreams as the tool for Torah interpretation.

And the Zionists don’t follow Rav Kook anyway - not 99% of them - except when it comes to Zionism. There, he has total authority, but when it comes to things like Tznius, and women’s rights, they chuck everything he said. Ironically, the only people today who would fulfill Rav Kook's standards of Tznius is probably Satmar and the like. As far as "women’s rights" he held women should not even be allowed to vote!

Picking and choosing what you want to follow from whom, regardless of how well-founded it is or what else that person says, is the only recourse Zionists have, as dishonest and hypocritical as it is.

And even then, they can’t come close to defending themselves against the claims leveled against them.

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