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ZIONISM-----herzl a hero?

MODERATOR Posted - 31 May 2005 16:53
Herzl was an Apikores and a terrible enemy of Hashem. Even before this revelation, how in the world could anyone consider him a hero to Judaism?

He is one of the people that we pray to Hashem to get rid of when we say Velamalshinim. The fact that he wanted to uproot Judaism as we know it is good to know, of course, but it's amazing how someone like that could ever be considered a hero to Judaism.

MODERATOR Posted - 28 December 2005 7:07
It's not just Herzl, and it's not just in "those days." The following is from an old article by M. Carmelli called "Elections 2003: Peres Breaks With Judaism on Who Is A Jew":

Shimon Perez says that the legal definition of who is a Jew should include "whoever educated his children to live in Israel, to remain there, and to serve in the army", according to a report on Israel Radio.

"Peres, who heads the Labor Party's efforts to attract the new immigrant vote, said, "It is inconceivable that the decision as to who is a Jew should be made by the Rabbis, and if the Rabbis persist in deciding on the question of who is a Jew, we shall decide who is a Rabbi"

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