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MOSHIACH-----who will merit it

dina17 Posted - 12 November 2003 20:17

Rabbi just wanted to tell you how much this web site is amazing!!!!!!!

Ok when mashiach come there is gunna be tiycheyat hametim and who the ppl who are gunna come back to life will be zddikim only ??? every body is gunna come back to life?

If only zaddikim are gunna come back to life so why should we even try to work on our self?? We will never be like Avraham avenue or even like the Rav Shach.

It’s really hard for me to think that I will work all my life on my self and I won’t even be zoche to come back to life!!:(

MODERATOR Posted - 12 November 2003 20:53

Everyone who merits a "share in Olam habah" will be back. That excludes apikorsim, and several others listed elsewhere on this site.

Your question about being as big as Rav Shach or Avrohom Avinu contains an inherent contradiction. Because Rav Shach himself could not be as great as Avrohom Avinu, which means that you do recognize that there are different levels of Tzadikim, yet all those levels are considered "success."

Your question was asked by Rav Chaim Vital to his great Rebbe, the Arizal. He asked if the previous generations could not bring Moshiach, and they had the great sages of Chazal, and the prophets, and the avos, how can we ever hope to?

The Arizal answered that everyone is judged according to his level - l'fum tzaarah agrah - and so since our generations are so small, one little mitzvah in our generation is considered equal to much much greater mitzvos in previous generations.

Your righteousness is determined by how much effort you put into being a Tzadik - not how successful you are. Therefore, even if the earlier generations were much more successful in doing great Mitzvos than we are, since we can put in our maximum effort, we are thereby able to be considered as great Tzadikim as them.

burning Posted - 21 November 2003 10:23

mod- that could really give a person chizuk! that u could be considered as great as s/1 who u think is better. it just shows us how much potential is in e/1 and w/ the use of out potential, we can help bring Moshiach, b'mhara b'yameinu!!!

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