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MISC-----neshama / what is it

mX Posted - 06 August 2001 17:06

How exactly does a person's neshamah "look" and when mashiach comes will the neshama inhabit the body of the person at the age of his/her death?

I'm also kind of confused about re-incarnation. I mean is it the same neshama and will it inhabit the most righteous body or is it a diff neshamah?

MODERATOR Posted - 06 August 2001 17:13

A Neshama doesn't "look" like anything. It's not a physical thing that can reflect light. It's a spiritual thing that encompasses your whole body. Its presence is "visible" through the influence it has on you rather than how it looks.

You have numerous Neshomos, but for the sake of simplicity, we will divide them all into 2 categories:

1) The "life" Neshomoh, which keeps you living, thinking, speaking, and allows you all your human functions.

2) Your "high level" Neshomoh, which you build through your doing Mitzvos. This Nehsomah cannot be felt in any way, and its only purpose in the body is to connect you to Hashem when you do Miztvos. Your aveiros damage this neshomah, and your Mitzvos build it up. It is the fitness of this Neshomah that determines your place in Olam Habbah.

Re: Gilgulim. The reincarnated person possesses a combination of old, "recycled" Neshomos and new Neshomahs.

BinaDaya Posted - 06 August 2001 17:42

Is a neshama actually infinite, like Hashem? Always was, is, and always will be? An actual "piece" of G-d? - Or something else? - Thanks.

Posted - 06 August 2001 17:43

Absolutely yes. An actual "piece" of G-d.

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