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SCHAR V'ONESH-----video of my life?

Lsheva Posted - 23 September 2003 13:28

Ok, i know hashem is all good and everything. But then how could it be, if the worst thing in the world is to embarrass someone, that when we go to the heavens after 120 that Hashem shows every one your whole life and all your avierot?

This is beyond embarrassing and painful. I know it’s probably not totally accurate but it must have some truth to it because a teacher told us this. I asked my rabbi teacher and he said that if you do teshuva your sins are all erased, even from the archives. So I said ok but still even if you don't do full teshuva how could Hashem do this to us? It just seems so cruel and harsh!

MODERATOR Posted - 23 September 2003 14:01

The video thing is only a moshol. The more accurate concept is that lies and fakeness only exist in this world since it is physical and false. In the next world, the Olam HaEmes, there is no such thing as hiding or being a faker or putting on a facade. And therefore, what you really are - which is a sum total of every single thing you ever did and said - is exactly what you will "look like" and the Truth in its purest form is so real and so clear that every single individual act will be shown on your "face".

So your question is like asking, if someone paints a stupid looking tattoo on his nose, why does G-d embarrass him by allowing everyone in the street to see the tattoo?

The answer to your question is the same as the answer to that one.

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