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FACTIONS-----tide and r hirsch 2

Alexander Posted - 18 March 2010 0:56

Dear Moderators:

Could you please unambiguously clarify the following?

1) Satmar Rav's position on working. Why? For Whom (only Satmar or suggestion to Klal Israel in general), Based on what sources?

2) Philosophy of K'Hal Adath Jeshurun

"KAJ under Rav Breuer and his successors continues to adhere to the philosophy of "Independent Orthodoxy"which rejects both the legitimacy of other branches of Judaism and any dealings with organizations associated with them.

KAJ also bases its approach, and structure, on Rav Hirsch's philosophy of "Torah im Derech Eretz" which encourages involvement in the modern world under the dominion of Torah without any compromise of loyalty to Torah and its precepts. Learning Torah is a core of the Kehilla and there are many intensive Shiurim and learning programs at various levels for men and women of all ages".

WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? How and why is it legitimate? Thanks!!!

MODERATOR Posted - 21 March 2010 22:12

"Other branches" in this context means "branches" other than Orthodox.

"Involvement in the modern world under the dominion of Torah" doesn’t say, in and of itself, anything that anyone would disagree with, depending how you interpret "involvement". (Nobody has a problem with driving a car or having a telephone for example, but everyone - including KAJ - would have a problem with going to rock concerts.) So don’t read into this statement more than it says, and it does not say much. Nothing more, or different, in any case, than the TIDE that you understood before you read that statement. It changes nothing.

As far as the Satmar Rav's position on working, he did not have much more or much different a position than anyone else - everyone agrees that learning Torah is a much more glorious pastime than anything else (how could anyone disagree with that?). The question is, though, how best to meet your objectives as a Manhig. Thus, the Satmar Rebbe once supposedly told one of the Litvishe Roshei Yeshiva, as an explanation as to why he differs with him/them regarding his not encouraging everyone to learn in Kollel: "You are creating Gedolei Yisroel; I am creating a Klall Yisroel."

In other words, the objective of the Satmar Rebbe was to create a complete Torah Kehilla - with its own shechita, mikvaos, a complete educational system, its own culture, its own system of shidduchim, and even its own economy, to the extent that is possible. The focus of the Litvishe Roshei Yeshivos was on creating Gedolei Yisroel. Therefore, the emphasis of Kollel exclusively not found in Satmar as it is in the Yeshivos.

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