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ZIONISM / RELIGIOUS-----the true motivation

FS613 Posted - 14 February 2008 12:48

Rabbi Moderator:

I understand why secular Jews don't understand that Zionism is wrong, according to the Torah;

but why don't religious Jews understand that Zionism is wrong, according to the Torah?

The evidence is very clear, that it's against the Torah and the 3 Oaths,

besides the fact that Jewish life is governed by the Torah, not by the irreligiousness, immorality, and "democracy" of the Zionist government.

Can't the religious Jews see that the Israeli government is really just another secular government and has nothing to do with the Torah?

Why would some religious Jews think that this is the "Aschalta D'Geulah" if it is a secular government and if it operates against the Torah laws?

Why don't they see that this is "Israeli" and not Jewish?

Thank you.

MODERATOR Posted - 18 February 2008 11:49

The question is not limited to Zionism. Why were there religious Jews in ancient times who sacrificed their sons to Molech and who bowed to statues? The answer is, the Yezter Horah messes up our heads - ain adam choteh elah im kein nichnas bo ruach shtus. The Yezter Horah for avodah zorah was strong in those days, and we cant understand what would induce intelligent frum jews to be so stupid. But the seforim say that the Yezter Horah for apikorsus before Moshiach comes will be even stronger than the Yezter Horah for avodah zorah. The question is the same for all nonsensical avodah zorahs, and so is the answer.

It's the same answer Reb Elchonon gives for the existence of atheism, for which there is more than ample disproof. The command not to believe apikorsus is lo sasuru acharei levavchem - do not follow your heart. Meaning, people do not believe apikorsus because their mind tells them to, but rather because their feelings tell them to. If they want to believe heresy, they will. Its bribery of the heart. The command to believe is simply to be objective.

So Zionists are people who want to have a State, like the Italians and Germans - they dont want to be wandering Jew-gypsies. they want their own language and army and culture, like the goyim. "Nihiyeh kechol hagoyim" is a strong yezter Horah, and thats what cause of Zionism.

As I once said when someone asked on this site why Zionism is so bad, its only due to a mistaken pshat in the Gemora - I said that the mistaken pshat in the Gemora is not the cause of Zionism; Zionism is the cause of the mistaken pshat.

Well, it WAS the cause. Nowadays the Zionists are tinokos shenishbu. its not easy with all the brainwashing and falsehoods that theyre taught daily (taon listed a bunch) for innocent kids to understand on their own that its all bogus. Then they grow up and theyve been indoctrinated.

Thats what the Chazon Ish said about the zionists. His father once made a Zionist in his community swear that he wont go to the Zionist congress. They asked him why an oath would prevent a zionist from doing so, since according to zionism, such an act would constitute an oath to violate a mitzvah. The Chazon Ish explained that there is a precedent for this - we used to make the Kohen Godol swear that he is not a Tzaduki (and he will not do the avodah in a tzeduki manner). The same question can be asked there - according to tzedukiism, such an oath would be against the "torah"?

The answer, he said was that the tzedukim deep down knew they were wrong, that their beliefs are bogus and nonsensical. You just had to put them against the wall and make them swear and then theyll think twice about their beliefs.

So too, the zionists, he said. they know deep down their beliefs are nonsense, they just want to believe them, so they convince themselves of their nonsensical beliefs.

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