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ZIONISM / ANTI-----r henkin

MODERATOR Posted - 24 February 2008 16:16

Flippedoutfish posted something about some Zionist book out there that claims that Rav Henkin was a Zionist c"v or something like that. I didn’t see the book but I’d bet that they are recycling the old statement from Rav Henkin about something he saw in HaChomah - a Neturei Karta EY magazine, where he says not to pester the Israeli government because that's hisgarus b'umos, which I have no idea why anybody would say that has anything to do with Zionism. I guess because he’s disagreeing with hachomah which represents nobody anyway, but go know. The following is Rav Henkin's real position on the matter as he himself wrote:

"I opposed with all my might the creation of the Medinah, and that is why, even though I am in spirit close to the people of the Agudah, I am not part of their organization in order that I should not be suspected that I agreed with them to the creation of the Medinah" *

"Dechikas Haketz [i.e. one of the three Oaths - not to "pressure the time of the geulah - Mod] pushes the time of Geulah further away, and because the different types of Baryonim wielded the sword and participated in various rebellions, one thing led to another and the result was that we lost the majority of our nation, who were killed through horrible deaths, the like of which has never been seen in all of history, and thousands of holy congregations were razed to the ground, and b'avonoseinu harabim it has fueled the warning of Chazal - "and if not [i.e. if you do not follow the Three Oaths - Mod], then I shall permit your flesh to be hunted like game in the field" - Hashem should have mercy on those who survived."

See Kisvei Rav Henkin vol 2 5719 #109, vol 2 in the haskomos, vol. 1 #206, vol. 2 p. 103

He also adds about how Jews are not allowed to be involved in wars and our approach should be totally one of submission, and how the Baryonim are still involved in antagonizing the nations.

(PS - statements by Rav Henkin that he was not anti-the yishuv and the like are of course not related to creating a Medinah in the slightest)

* He is referring to the "vote" that the Agudah took where the greatest Gedolim, such as Rav Ahron Kotler and Rav Elchonon Wasserman who were there - (and it should be noted that together with them held Rav Chaim Ozer and the Brisker Rav and Chazon Ish who weren’t there altogether) - were "outvoted" by a greater number of much lesser Rabbonim.

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