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reality2040 Posted - 12 April 2002 15:57

I have a question. For some weird reason, I have gotten this massive craving to smoke over the past few weeks. I have never smoked before and I hate how smoke smells, but I've been having dreams about smoking and I feel like I just HAVE to smoke.

It's weird, I know - I think I need help, but anyway here's my question. It's halachicly forbidden to smoke right? but, if I smoke just once, I know that I will hate it and will never do it again. But if I don't smoke, I will just go on torturing myself by wanting to smoke and not being able to. So is it okay for me to just smoke once?

help02 Posted - 12 April 2002 17:36


I can tell you from first hand experience cuz I had the same issue. and you know what? I gave in. I did smoke. just once. and then I became addicted. and just like you I told myself and my friends “I won’t get addicted, it wont happen doesn’t worry" and then I did it.

Now, thank G-d I have stopped. although it’s really not easy. my advice for you is not to put yourself through it. If I can go back in time I would change it and never have started in the first place. Good luck!

MODERATOR Posted - 15 April 2002 17:06

It doesn’t work that way, Reality. You are likely not to be disgusted by it but rather more used to it. I understand the grass is always greener on the other side, and that curiosity to smoke is a strong pull, but bear in mind that smoking is not only assur, its smelly, self-destructive, habit forming, and a waste of a lot of money. If you start, it will only be harder to stop. Don’t do it.

098765 Posted - 02 June 2002 19:04

An Odom Godol explained to me why many Rabbonim permit smoking even nowadays when on practically every cigarette box there are warnings about smoking. The reason is from a Chasam Sofer. The Gemora (I think in Shabbos) says that a guf akum is different than a guf yisroel.

The Chasam Sofer paskens from this that unless a rofeh checks out a yid individually we cannot assume that gufei yisroel will react to something the same way that gufei akum reacted to.(this is the end of the Chasam Sofer) Therefore, all these statistics about smoking were done al pi rov on goyim.

So therefore, unless a yid was checked individually by a rofeh, we have no reason to believe that the effects of smoking will have the same results on yidden. Besides all of this, many doctors will tell you that if you don't smoke one day a week, all these statistics don't apply and smoking is just an unhealthy thing to do but certainly not a dangerous thing to do.

So therefore, if you're a frummer yid and don't smoke on Shabbos, there's a lot of makom to be meikel. Please correct me, Moderator, if I was mistaken in a certain point or if I was not clear about something.

ponder2 Posted - 02 June 2002 19:04

About smoking being assur dorisa is it really totally? Cuz I remember learning that if your father wants you to give him a cigarette you aren't allowed to hide it from him...and not give it to him cuz you don't want him to smoke...If it was an issur dorisa then you wouldn't be allowed to do kibbud av by allowing him do an averiah would you?

MODERATOR Posted - 02 June 2002 21:15


That sevora is recorded in the name of Rav Elyashev (Responsa Yoshev Moshe p. 158). He says also, that since smoking is not halachicly a skanaha, it is permitted to smoke on Yom Tov, since a cigarette would be considered a Davar Hashova l'chol nefesh.

But about 4 years ago, Rav Elyashev and Rav Chaim Kanievsky both came out declaring smoking on Yom Tov to be chilul Yom Tov, because since smoking is dangerous it is no longer considered a davar hashove lchol nefesh.

So I'm not sure your information is up to date. In any case, there are currently enough cases of Jews who have contracted lung cancer, heart disease and other illnesses from smoking so I don’t see how the Chasam Sofer can apply anymore.

MODERATOR Posted - 02 June 2002 21:25


There are ppl who hold smoking is not assur, at least if you are already involved, for various reasons: A food that damages you but doesn’t kill you directly may not be prohibited under a Sakanah, shomer p'sayim hashem, or other reasons.

Rav Elyashev rules (Mevaksehi Torah 4:p.152) that you should give your father the cigarettes, even though the doctors say that cigarettes are harmful in general. But if the doctor says that cigarettes are harmful specifically to your father, even if they are not a Sakanah, then you may to give him the cigarettes.

ronna Posted - 02 June 2002 21:42

I smoke. Not regular cigarettes but WEED. I got hooked 2 yrs ago. I don’t do it often b/c I can’t get it, but 1 of my relatives does it and that’s how I get it. I was born addicted and I went thru extensive treatment to wean me from it. but ever since the first puff I took when I was 13 I've regretted it. its stupid people look at me like I'm evil, I lost most of my friends and my family like hates me

098765 Posted - 03 June 2002 22:50

According to what Rav Elyashev and Rav Chaim Kanievsky said 4 years ago, is it only dangerous but not a sakana (therefore, it would be mutar to smoke during the week) or is also a sakana? If it's also a sakana, the wouldn't it be also assur to give your father a cigarette?

MODERATOR Posted - 04 June 2002 13:23

As far as I remember, they did not say it was a Sakanah l'halachah, only that it was dangerous and unhealthy, and the psak was referring specifically to Yom Tov.

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