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ZIONISM / ANTI-----maaseh soton? 3

Abakromboy Posted - 04 February 2007 12:30

In Yeshiva my Rebbi said that the Satmar Rebbe said when Israel was created that "Satan has not had such a success since the Egel".

Is this true and if so, where is the source?

MODERATOR Posted - 04 February 2007 12:44

That quote was said not by the Satmar Rebbe but the Brisker Rav.

You can find it brought down in "HaRav MiBrisk", by Shimon Yosef Muller, vol. 3 page 322 (with the exact sources in the footnotes) as follows:

"Chazal teach," said the Brisker Rav to him, that after Matan Torah, the act of the Satan was successful, to make the Jews sin with the Egel.

"Success such as this," he continued and said, "like this, that they were able to create the Medinah, such success he [= the Satan] did not have throughout all the generations since the Egel.

"The Brisker Rav held the position that this Gezeirah of the establishment of the Medinah, is not merely another suffering among the sufferings that befall Klall Yisroel during Golus. But rather, it is a specific suffering that was that was awakened from Heaven specifically in our time, specifically on the people in this generation, because of their sins.

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