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MISC-----the bris shalom and pinchus

e Posted - 21 November 2000 18:59

I wrote before about my stuffed up school- and now things have gotten really bad and tons of adults wanna make a new school or kick out the management.

This has happened in one or two boys schools and when they opened new schools major machlokes started and this would also. But, is people's lives, (literally ppl get destroyed and go anti-frum) and chinuch, more important than shalom?

MODERATOR Posted - 21 November 2000 19:14

I don't know your case. Sholom doesn't mean everyone should just allow everyone else to do what they want, since you're forgetting Hashem is in the middle of all this.

So in other words, if let's say you were married and someone was getting in between you and your husband, making him angry at you and breaking you up. Would you say it is better to continue being connected with her and letting her come between you and your husband or to have nothing to do with her?

So too, often, when people make Hashem angry at us and cause us to get into fights with Hashem we have to make Sholom with Hashem first even if it means severing relations with our friends.

The Meforshim point this out from the fact that Pinchas, in reward for killing Zimri, was given "a covenant of peace". Even though what he did was just the opposite of peace.

Or so it seems.

What Zimri was doing was causing a rift between us and Hashem. To make Sholom Bayis between us and Hashem Zimri had to be eliminated. So what Pinchas did was actually creating Sholom.

Another example: The Halachah is that is a heretic writes a Sefer Torah, we BURN THE SEFER TORAH! With Hashem's names!

The Gemora explains:

If we destroy Hashem's Name to make peace between a husband and wife (when we dissolve Hashem's name for the Sotah), all the more so should we destroy Hashem's name to make peace between Klall Yisroel and Hashem.

So burning this man's Sefer Torah is called making peace!

It is, because it's like throwing out the boarder in your house that is constantly causing fights between you and your husband.

If let's say a woman was tempting your husband to cheat, and you told your husband you don't want to be friends with her anymore, and he said "Well, what about Sholom?", how would you respond?

E, we are supposed to have a real relationship with Hashem. Love, understand, connect, etc. He certainly loves us. This relationship is our most important relationship in the world. When someone tries to break us apart by making us do Aveiros or whatever, we cannot allow that.

I don't know what's going on in your community, so I can't judge. But you are correct -- Sholom is the most important thing.

And our Sholom Bayis with Hashem is our first Sholom priority.

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