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LUBAVITCH-----pop judaism

aron Posted - 18 January 2002 16:49


Dear Moderator,

I'm not a teen anymore, but I wanted to ask you a question.

How do you explain to someone who is not frum that even though Lubavitch is exceptionally dedicated to outreach, and they look frum, and they're friendly, that they are not actually representing Judaism? The not frum don't know enough to differentiate?

Thank You,

And Tizku Limitzvos,

MODERATOR Posted - 22 January 2002 20:34



The best way, is to explain that in every "field" (for lack of a better word) there are serious views, and "pop" views. Like in psychology, there's real psychology and "pop" psychology. Same thing with physics and medicine. There are "real" healthy diets, and "pop" diets.

The "pop" versions of serious things are made to appeal to the masses, are promoted with a lot of hype, but lack serious content, and are merely pale reflections of what they claim to represent.

Same thing with religion. There's "real" Judaism, and "pop" Judaism. Pop Judaism is designed to appeal to what the masses want, is highly advertised and promoted, and is very interested in acquiring new "customers." But it's not serious religion. Serious religion may not be as broadly advertised or as well known, but it is real.

Lubavitch is "pop" Judaism, and like in every field, it has a lot of adherents, it appeals to those with little or not background in the field, but is empty and even distasteful to someone who studies real Judaism, the same way pop psychology is distasteful and not serious for someone who really knows the science.

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cmbc said...

have u ever learned chabad chassidus?!
im just wondering