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LUBAVITCH-----post gimel tamuz

Chasid Posted - 20 June 2001 23:00

Moderator, please stop it! So many teenagers are becoming non-religious in Lubavitch today because the Rebbe is not here, and you're just making it worse by taking away the only thing we have to hold on to.

It's not enough we have to live through Gimel Tamuz which is a tremendous Nisoyon for Chassidim all over the world, but at least we have our Rebbe still with us alive in a way we can't understand. Even if you're right, how can you take away the last remnants of our connection to Judaism? It is known that every Jew needs a physical connection to G-d and the Rebbe is ours. Isn’t it better for us to believe in our Rebbe who loved us so dearly than to believe in nothing?

So please before you degrade someone’s beliefs, understand what the results of your actions will be. You're trying to do Kiruv but you’re making more Jews totally non-religious!!!!!!

Posted - 27 June 2001 22:41


I agree with you that the Rebbe is all you have to "hold on to”, that he is your "last remnant of connection to Judaism" et cetera et cetera. THAT'S THE PROBLEM! That's the avodah zarah that we are talking about. Without your Rebbe you have no reason to be frum? You have no more connection to hashem?

Chasid!! You are a Jew!! You have Torah and Mitzvos! They are always there and they are your connection to hashem! You are called Hashem's "son" (banim) because you are Jewish, your soul is a chelek elokah mima'al - a part of Hashem himself, and He watches over you with Hashgachah Pratis!

A Rebbe is a teacher, a mentor, a father, and many other things. But he is NOT the "only thing you have to hold on to". That is total avodah zarah.

Many Chasidim lost their rebbes throughout history. If Lubavitch does not want to make another Rebbe for whatever reason, then go out and get a different Rebbe yourself! Very often, when one Rebbe would pass away, many Chasidim went to other Rebbes.

I doubt, though, that the idea of going to another Rebbe appeals to you, since you will not find any other Rebbe in the history of the world from the baal shem tov down that would be willing to be the rebbe you want - that is, your last "remnant of connection to Judaism". You will not find such an attitude except in Lubavitch, which is the problem. (Note: even in Lubavitch not all lubavitchers think like this)

If you are only frum because your Avodah Zarah - in this case your Rebbe - was there, then the solution is not to go deeper into Avodah Zarah by believing that your idol is still around. The solution is to come back to earth and understand that your Judaism is valid and obligatory even after your rebbe passes away and that you are connected to hashem through Torah and Mitzvos. And Tefilah. You speak to hashem 3 times a day, which is more often than you ever spoke to your Rebbe.

And if you see that your attitudes about torah and chassidus were actually against the Torah like several others here are beginning to see, then you should thank Hashem for the opportunity to grow, rather than hold on to something that you never had to begin with. Down that path leads insanity, never mind kefirah.

So here’s what you do: Every time you daven, imagine that you are standing in front of Hashem, which of course, you are. And talking to Him. And think about what you are saying, the meaning of the words, and you can add your own requests in the designated places which I am certain you are aware of.

A rebbe is your father but Hashem is your Father; a rebbe can be your teacher but Hashem is the giver of the Torah; a rebbe can inspire and help you grow but Hashem is your Creator Who maintains your existence every second.

And I would recommend getting another rebbe. Everyone needs a Rebbi.

And please explain to your friends who are becoming non-religious that they are missing the boat. Please don’t let them leave Yiddishkeit.

That means both not to become frei and not to worship the Rebbe as an idol.

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