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chilled Posted - 18 June 2001 20:43

queenmalka, I think you’re being very foolish by getting worked up about this. it's only natural for your parents to b upset about this post b/c when any one says s/t bad about anything related to you it's natural to get upset.

But that doesn’t mean that b/c your rabbi & your parents don't happen to know the answers it suddenly means that there are no answers.

Does that make ANY sense that there is just a group of Chassidim running on nothing?

Obviously THERE ARE ANSWERS but you just don't have them.

Do you think that it makes any sense that suddenly the moderator thought of these doubts & questions & there are no answers? obviously not.

They are valid questions that may confuse you b/c you've never thought of them so you never asked them but they have been raised b/for, you just have to find s/o to answer them.

MODERATOR Posted - 19 June 2001 20:29


The moderator did not just "suddenly think of these doubts". These are a sampling of the problems with Chabad that our Gedolim have had for years and years. These issues have been well known in the Torah world, and are at the crux of the opposition of the Gedolim to Chabad. I don't know why they haven't heard of this in Lubavitch before this week.

The not sleeping in a Sukkah is particularly well-known by Torah leaders as a Chabad violation of Halacha because it is the most public of all the transgressions. Writes Rav Shach shlita:

"They [Lubavitch] are far from the opinions of our holy Torah. For instance, they currently publicized [for people] to undo a Mitzvah Aseh of sleeping in the Sukkah with a Dvar Torah full of nothingness, nonsense, and ignorance." (Letters, IV:349).

This was written in 1989. About 15 years ago, a Satmar guy named Mordechai Moskowitz published a booklet called "The Truth about the Lubavitch Movement in the '80's", which explains why Satmar is against Lubavitch. It's the same basic ideas as above.

What I posted here is nothing new. In Lubavitch they just didn't want this material known.

I remember about 6 years ago there was a controversy in one of the Brooklyn Jewish magazines about the Meshichistin and Chabad. Someone published a letter from Rav Shach stating that he is not a Misnagid, he loves Chassidim in general (he cannot even imagine what Klall Yisroel would look like today if not for Chassidus, he writes), and he has nothing against Lubavitch Chassidus either (he says that the students in his Yeshiva may freely learn Tanya if they desire, no problem) but Lubavitch has slowly gone off the Derech of even their own Chassidus, and it is the new innovations and behaviors - NOT real Chabad Chassidus as espoused by the Alter Rebbe - that he opposes.

Lubavitch vendors called the publisher threatening to ban it in Crown Heights because of this. When the publisher asked that in the past much worse things were written about Lubavitch so why are they so upset about this, they answered that they don’t mind if they write s/t against Lubavitch because they can say to their children that it's just Misnagdim, but they don’t want their children knowing that Rav Shach loves Chasidim and is not a misnagid and its only them he opposes.

And Satmar, too, as opposed to what one poster above claims, was not at all against learning Tanya. The Tanya is quoted numerous times in the Satmar Rebbe's Seforim and used by him frequently in his Drashos. In the biography of the Satmar Rebbe called "Moshian Shel Yisroel" by Shlomo Y. Gelbman (who personally knew the Satmar Rebbe) we have the following (vol. I:p.320):

"So too did the Rebbe ZT"L [learn] the Seforim of Chabad, mentioning often in his Torahs material from the Tanya and the Sidur HaRav...Once , he borrowed from someone the Kuntres Hispalus of the holy rabbi RD"B of Lubavitch ZY"A... the Rebbe spoke with awesome respect for the holy Rebbe Rashab ZY"A, of his amazing holiness and his exceptional wisdom ... once, a chosid asked the Rebbe why, when he quotes the Rebbe Rashab he uses more titles on him than he usually uses [on others]. The rebbe answered,” The Rashab was a burning fire!" ... when bochurim from the Yeshiva asked him about learning Sifrei Chabad he said ... nowadays we have to be very careful because there are among the Lubavitchers today those who twist the Torah, and we have to be careful not to fall into their trap ... and therefore, you should learn Tanya only as much as other Chassidishe Seforim, and not make a unique project of it."

Nobody is against the Alter Rebbe or Chabad itself. Rather, the opposition is only regarding the new philosophies and innovations instituted by Chabad in the past generation, and the reasons for this opposition are well known.

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Chaim said...

Oh, how easy it is to challenge things one doesn't understand. Learn a bit of Chabad Chassidus especially that written by the Rebbe, and re-read that which you have written.
Thanks to the Rebbe, in addition to the insular environment (sur mei'ra) provided by the charedi world at large, there is now chassidim promoting (asei tov) the fulfilment of Torah and Mitzvot amongst all our fellow Jews. Speak to that Israeli who went to 'find himself' in India or Thailand. Ask that Jew in Tokyo where he celebrated his last seder. Ask the worker on Collins St, Melbourne, how he was introduced to teffilin. Instead of promoting senseless hatred (sina'at chinam), promote truth and transparency. And, as I said, learn some of the Rebbe's works with an uncritical eye and let it change your life.