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EMUNAH-----dealing with death

Ashira LaHashem Posted - 22 January 2001 17:55

I have a friend who is in the beginning of the "questioning stage." Well that never ends...but she just started.

So her uncle died like two years ago and left all these kids and a wife who aren't doing well...they cry so much...she doesn't understand how G-d could do this...I've tried to give her answers, but I know I can't because whatever I say, is detached because I don't understand what she's going through.

How do I satisfy her question, encourage her and help her-while being her friend. This is affecting her entire belief system. She believes that standard lie-G-d created us and the world, but doesn't run it. Things just happen.

I think she does this because she can't understand how if there is a G-d like we know Hashem is, how could this happen? Therefore, she stopped davening and stuff like that-because she doesn’t get the point.

She's not against it-she respects people who do and really desires to be like them-but just she doesn't get any of it.

MODERATOR Posted - 22 January 2001 18:19

In order to understand how Hashem runs the world, you have to first understand why He created it in the first place. If someone thinks that an MP3 player is supposed to be used to hammer nails, for instance, he will always think it was made defective.

Please see the Basic Judaism forum where this is discussed. The entire purpose of the world is darkness. G-d made this world in order that things should appear not the way they are, so that our behaviors and actions are based on what we believe and know, rather than what we see. It's our beliefs that will remain with us in Olam Habah and therefore our purpose on this world is to build up our beliefs.

When Moshiach comes the world will be revealed to everyone according to the way it is, but nowadays, Hashem purposely runs the world in a way that should not appear as if it runs according to reality.

So your friend actually has the right impression based objectively on how the world looks, it’s just that she shouldn't judge the world by the way it looks. See the Basic Judaism boards for the whole story.

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