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ZIONISM / ANTI-----the army 2

ptgard2281 Posted - 22 October 2001 17:19


I don’t think sitting in a yeshiva or learning otherwise should be an excuse to evade the service. I mean, it's a Jewish state for goodness sakes . . . the religious people can be given time off for Shabbos and holidays -- but especially in times like these, why should they be let off the hook. Even religious girls have to do some sort of volunteering work if they aren't going to be drafted. Why not the men?

MODERATOR Posted - 24 October 2001 20:33


First of all, it’s not Jewish State, despite what its atheist founders claimed. It does not run according to Halachah, it officially does not even recognize G-d (G-d was purposely omitted from the Israeli constitution). Even the "Law of Return" allows non-Jews to come to Israel if their paternal grandfather was Jewish. So how in the world is this state "Jewish"?

In many democratic countries around the world - USA included - clergy and its students are exempt from military draft, since it is assumed that they "serve their country" in their own way. In a place claiming to be "Jewish", they certainly should recognize the "service" that those learning Torah provide.

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