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MUSIC, MOVIES & TV-----moshav leitzim 2


micah Posted - 03 September 2000 18:28


moderator - um, backing up a bit, where exactly does moshav letzim apply? (concerts, amusement parks, sporting events, etc)

MODERATOR Posted - 03 September 2000 21:03


Amusement parks are not Moshav Letzim - it must be a group of people involved with each other, such as a theater.

As far as sporting events go, that's the conversation I had with Rav Schwab that I wrote about in a different post. Sporting events should also be prohibited under "theaters", but that is something that most children - and perhaps even adults, but especilly children - will have a very difficult time accepting.

So his recommendation was that we should not force our children not to go to sporting events, we should rather focus on educating them, building up their madreigah so that they will be willing on their own not to be invovled in these events.

I guess it's kind of similar to loshon horah that is so widespread, we have to build ourselves up to where we can refrain from it. Not everyone can handle everything cold turkey.

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