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MISC-----frum equals happy?

e Posted - 28 August 2002 20:16
rabbi mod, you told me before and all teachers and its a known thing that being frum is meant to be happy and full of simcha and that life is meant to be a joyride.

But I don’t get it. My problem is this? Say you go to a party and its meant to be the best fun. if it’s the best fun then no one will have to tell you it is cuz u'll feel it. and if they announce that its the best fun then obviously it’s not, or else they would not have to say. I hope u understand what I mean.

My question can be asked in another way: if we were not told that our way of life is a "joyride" and everything would we just by living come to that conclusion on our own?

I hope I make sense.

MODERATOR Posted - 28 August 2002 20:44
That’s because there’s a Yetzer Horah that was created with the specific mission to make it not so obvious that Torah life means happiness. If it were as obvious as it should be, as obvious as you describe, then people would not deserve credit for leading a Torah life, since it would simply be an issue of choosing pleasure over pain, which any animal would do.

But the Torah type of pleasure was designed to be there only for those who make the conscious choice to see through the darkness and to be willing to work for it.

The type of happiness that the torah lifestyle brings is peace of mind, harmony of soul and emotions, and lack of worry and anxiety at the problems of life - each individual according to his level. Plus a feeling of real accomplishment, of having a purpose (a real purpose, not some contrived one like the Umos Haolam have), and of getting closer to Perfection. These are things that you have to cultivate a taste for. Like fine wine, perhaps. You have to understand it, get used to it, and be committed to it, but after that is done, its pleasurable.

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