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MISC-----beracha of a tzadik

Qs Posted - 21 August 2002 16:27
I don't understand the concept of Berachos. When a Rav gives you a Brachah, so what? What does it do? For example, if a Rav gives you a Bracha to do well in learning, that means that without it you wouldn't do as well? and if you say that is indeed the case, then wouldn't it seem as if the Rav was in charge of the world instead of HaKodosh Boruch Hu?

Thank you!

MODERATOR Posted - 21 August 2002 16:53
There are two explanations as to why such Berachos work. Both are true.

First, the Torah says "R'tzon yeraiav yaaseh" - Hashem does the will of those who fear Him. So those with Yiras Shamayim have a special "in" with G-d. Also, "Karov Hashem lchol korov, lchol asher ykrauhu b'emes" - Hashem is close to those who call Him, [i.e.] to those who call Him with Truth. Truth means "Torah", so those who know Torah have a special "in" with G-d, too.

So on the first level, the person you’re going to for a Brachah has special merits that make his prayer more likely to be answered than if you do it yourself.

The second explanation is, a Tzadik has such love for other Jews, that he feels the suffering of other Jews as if he is suffering himself.

If let's say a Jewish couple r"l has no children, the Tzadik suffers as if the barrenness was his own personal problem r"l. When this happens there is a "problem" in Shamayim, since it was not the Tzadik's lot to suffer from having no children.

But since the Tzadik willingly put himself in a position where his love for the childless couple makes it as if, he himself is childless, Hashem will then give the barren couple children in order to fulfill Hashem's plans that the Tzadik should not suffer childlessness.

So Hashem will give the person getting the Brachah what they need in order for the Tzadik himself not to suffer their pain, since the Tzadik was never meant to suffer the pain to begin with.

Of course, this only works if the Tzadik indeed was not meant to suffer the same Tzar that the person he is giving a Brachah to is suffering. But even if he is meant to suffer that same Tzar, the first reason - R'tzon yereiav yaaseh - still applies, and the Brachah will be effective because of that.

This does not mean that the Tzadik is "running the show", since it is Hashem's willing choice to respond to the Tzadik's request. Running the show means you have control. Only Hashem has control. The Tzadik just has "connections."

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