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JUDAISM-----why want to be jewish?


persona Posted - 06 November 2000 17:09

I was speaking to someone last night and they asked me a very simple question , why would anyone want to be Jewish if throughout history Jews have been persecuted and hated for what they are and everything they stand for.

There are so many hardships that come along with being Jewish and barely any guarantees. To know that so many people are being killed just for the fact that they are Jewish starts to make people want to be anything but Jewish.

I mean how can someone be expected to love a religion that is rejected by everyone in the world. There are people out there that are not anti Semites but majority of the world is against Jews and would like nothing more then to see us dead. What our the benefits and how can one see past all the hatred and come to loving Judaism?

Posted - 06 November 2000 18:45

Because for each bit of suffering that we endure from the Goyim makes our eternal Geulah that much sweeter. This is a world of darkness. Things are messed up, right looks wrong, high people look low, etc. The entire religion of Judaism is to see things the way they are, to see through the darkness and get in touch with reality through the light of the Torah.

And the coin with which we purchase eternal happiness when Moshiach comes will be the darkness that we endured in this world.

Please see the "Basic Judaism" folder. Things not appearing the way they really are is what this world is about.

The way to love Judaism is to first understand it. If you're looking at Judaism as nice holidays, quaint customs, and an ancient tradition, then there is no answer to your question. But that's not Judaism. Judaism is being in touch with reality despite what it seems on the outside. And to live that reality, walking hand in hand with hashem kav'yochol, until the great day when Hashem will show everyone what the world really is like, in reality.

Then we will see who's hated and who's not...

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