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HASHEM------seeing hashem in nature

Meahachuz Posted - 12 June 2002 14:55

Recently I've been having trouble seeing Hashem in natural things (besides miracles).

Lets say for example a tree...its suppose to grow!! Where is Hashem in that picture? I'm really scaring myself since I'm pretty frum and I completely believe in Hashem. Its so hard to live like this!


MODERATOR Posted - 12 June 2002 15:12

A tree takes soil, sunlight, and water, combines them all and produces an apple, made out of those ingredients.

How does it know how to do this? Not a single scientist in the world can do it. Give him dirt, water and sunlight and ask him to make an apple. Wont happen.

So how does the tree know how to do it? Who "programmed" the tree with this wisdom?

Every leaf on a tree has one shiny side and one dull side. the shiny side "catches" the sunlight and uses it for the tree's purpose. The dull side does not have sun-catching apparatus.

In every tree in the world, every leaf grows with the shiny side up, cuz that’s where the sun is.

How did the tree "know" that the sun is up? And that it should put the sun-catching apparatus on the top of the leaf? And never on the bottom?

I could go on literally forever. Every single cell in a tree - and every thing else in the world - contains so much wisdom and shows awareness of everything else in the world. Who "programmed" these mega-computers?

That’s Hashem. There is no other alternative.

Meahachuz Posted - 13 June 2002 14:27

I don’t know whets wrong w/ me but I'm still iffy on that...
The leaves sense the sunlight so they are attracted to it and therefore the shiny side grows what?

MODERATOR Posted - 13 June 2002 14:32

Even a plant growing totally in the dark will have the shiny side up. But that’s not the point. The point is, how does the leaf "sense" that the sun is "up"? And that it needs the sun? And that its response, in order to survive, is to put the shiny stuff in a position to catch the sun? Maybe it needs shade not sun? Maybe it should "sense" the shade and reverse its leaves?

Obviously, the tree has been "programmed" to "know" all this stuff. Question: Who taught the tree all this knowledge?

Lets make it multiple choice. this is either (1) accident, or (2) intelligence. There is no third alternative.

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