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HALACHA-----mitzva to dislike-when?

istarbulis Posted - 03 January 2001 17:49

Your supposed to love your fellow Jew unless he is a "rasha" where it is a mitzvah to hate him. My question what defines a "rasha"?

MODERATOR Posted - 03 January 2001 18:46

NOTE: I am translating sinah as "dislike", as opposed to the more common translation "hate". Dislike is a better translation. Sinah is a general state of having something personally against someone, even if it does not reach the level of hate.

Regarding the following Halachos, please note that it is often extremely difficult to determine what category of the ones below (if any at all) an individual belongs in. The following is merely a synopsis of some of the Halachos, intended as a general guide to know what to ask, rather than to be used as the bottom line.

Also, it is necessary to point out that the Chazon Ish in Yoreh Deah writes that the Mitzvah to dislike evil doers does not apply nowadays for numerous reasons, especially to never-before-religious Jews. Not everyone agrees with this (see sources quoted in the sefer below), and again, such decisions need to be made on an individual basis, under the authority of a reliable posek.

The following material comes from the Sefer "Mitzvos Halevovos" by Rav Mordechai Lichtenstein ZT"L, II:15-18. Rav Chaim Brisker ZT"L, in the approbation to the sefer, writes that the author "is a great man in both Torah and Yirah".

If someone violates an aveirah that he knows is an aveirah, and despite being told in the appropriate Halachic manner to stop, he still persists, it is a mitzvah to dislike him. However, if in other areas of Yiddishkeit besides the one he violates he behaves like an average frum Jew, it is prohibited to demonstrate your sinah in any visible way. You are still obligated to do him favors like any other Jew. if he is a Talmid Chacham, you are obligated to assume he has done teshuva and you cannot dislike him.

If someone in general violates the Torah in a carefree manner (such that he would not refrain from eating non-Kosher food even if he had an identical Kosher item available), or if someone leads others to do aveiros, and certainly if someone has twisted beliefs about the fundamentals of our religion (which includes those who deny the validity of Kabbalah), even if he is religious, it is a Mitzvah to dislike him, even openly.

If someone violates the majority of Mitzvos, or is one of those who are listed in the Mishna in Sanhedrin as losing their share in Olam Habah, or he has bad Midos such as arrogance and anger, even though there is no Mitzvah to love them, still it is prohibited to openly dislike them. It may be that they do not realize the severity of the sin. It would be better to dislike only the bad part of them, as opposed to person as a whole.

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