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CHIZUK-----how to stay inspired

belle613 Posted - 09 May 2001 14:33

BS"D-- I think this might be a common problem, and I’d really appreciate it if anyone had any solutions—

I’m trying to work on myself; trying to daven more often with more kavana, working on not saying Lashon Hara, trying to dress and act more tzeniusly etc, which is an amazing experience when I’m "feeling inspired", and really connects me with Hashem on a daily basis and gives me a focus, but its the worst when I’m not inspired, -- I feel like I’m just dragging myself around spiritually, going through the motions—

Its so hard just to keep everything a torah Jew has to keep track of at the forefront, like "did I just forget to say a bracha" or "did I just speak lashon hara" or "maybe I shouldn’t have bragged so much about this or that"-- and even the day to day stuff-- like getting up "like a lion" and saying modeh ani like I really mean it is a really challenge on days when im not feeling particularly inspired.

maybe im taking all of this too fast-- is there any concrete advice or words of chizuk that could help? as far as a vibrant spiritual life goes, im not sure this is the ideal.

MODERATOR Posted - 09 May 2001 15:35

It's not possible to be inspired 24/7. Even if you could do it, you'd get used to the "high" and, like any other emotional stimulation, you'd always need more and more to feel it.

You also need to know that you are always connected to Hashem, even while walking down the street. You should imagine yourself not being alone, but Hashem walking along with you. Do not look at Hashem as a distant G-d, but rather a close, personal G-d, Who is interested in your thoughts, actions, and feelings, at every moment, and is always right next to you, kav'yochol.

When you go to sleep, Hashem is there; when you wake up, He is there. You should constantly feel the warmth and closeness - and awe, if you can - of His presence. Even when you are not doing any Mitzvos.

The way to attain this feeling is, to constantly imagine it. Use your mind to actually envision it. Do NOT wait for the feeling to come by itself. You have to cultivate it. This will take time - it's not an immediate effect - but it will come.

I would recommend getting a hold of a tape by Rabbi Miller ZT"L called "Walking Secretly With Hashem" that discusses this approach at length.

I would also recommend learning Halachah and Hashkafa beyond your school requirements. Your goal here is meaningfulness rather than inspiration.

Meaningfulness lasts and feeds itself. Inspiration is good for the quick fix - which is important, don't get me wrong - but you can't maintain it constantly. If you have meaning in your Torah lifestyle, it will give you the satisfaction you crave, even without the "high".

So when you wash your hands for hamotzi, for instance, you will make sure to pay attention that it is done properly, according to the details of the Halachah. You will also, through your Hashkafa studies, understand the importance of what you do and why you are doing it.

And every now and then, you will have an inspiring experience. It will not last, but you won’t feel the "crash" when it's over like you do now.

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