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FACTIONS-----lubavitch and baal hatanya

If you are against Lubavitch today you are not against the Tanya, since the Tanya does not defend at all, anywhere, the wrong things that Lubavitch does.

Tanya does not say that a Rebbe is G-d in a body, but the Lubavitcher Rebbe said it.

Tanya does not say that because you are Chabad you are exempt from sleeping in the sukkah, but Lubavitche Rebbe says it.

Tanya does not say that the need to robotically imitating your rebbe exempts you from washing for shalosh seudos. But Lubavitcher Rebbe does.

The Tanya did not say to bind his sefer together with the Chumash and Tehillim, but the Lubavitcher Rebbe did.

The Tanya did not say to take people out of the Bais HaMedrash and send them out to teach Tanya to Jews who are so ignorant in Judaism they don't know who Moshe's brother was, before they can read a posuk in Chumash.

Tanya does not say that anyone is Moshiach.

Tanya does not say that the Rebbe is alive.

So if you're against these things that means you're against the Tanya?

Huh? Nope. Sorry. Please don't blame what Chabad has become today on the Tanya. The Alter Rebbe had nothing to do with it.

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