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ZIONISM / ANTI-----chovevei tzion?

What about the chovevei zion movement? The Netziv was a leader in that movement and he certainly was a respected gadol.Their intention besides mass emigration to EY was to "force the hand of G-d" to bring moshiach this was based on the opinion of the gra that an "awakening below will create an awakening above" . How was this allowed?

Also how many oaths are there? it seems from the gemara there are 3 + shelo yidchak es haketz.

The Netziv wasn't a leader of Chovevei Tzion, though he was a supporter in many aspects, in the beginning of its inception. But not all. He was very much against selling the land for Shmitah for instance.

But the entire movement was not to make a Jewish State but rather for individuals to settle the land. The Netziv never took the potiion that settling the land was going to "force Hashem's hand", and neither did the GRA, by the way. The Netziv was in favor of individuals living in Eretz Yisroel. Thats all. Thats not Zionism.

You are correct about the number of Oaths.

I really don't agree with your comment about Chovivei Tzion being a movement that was only supposed to get Jews to live in Eretz Yisrael. Their clearly stated position, in fact was that they were Zionist- practical Zionists, who believed in working the land so that they could get a claim to it. Please explain where you get your understanding of the goal of the Chovivei Tzion from.

Clearly stated? No, it's not. That was not "clearly stated" at all. They wanted individuals to build the land, to live in the land, but to create a Jewish government there never was one of their goals. It is clearly omitted in all of their writing. The Zionist movement was somethign totally different.

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