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ZIONISM / ANTI-----apikorsis?


I have honestly been perplexed and curious about the following for a long time now.

The Moderator has repeatedly stated that Zionism constitutes apikorsus (heresy) since anything that is against daas Torah is considered apikorsus. (See the very first Biur Halacha where the 6 Mitzvos Temidos are enumerated)

The Moderator has also quoted R' Elchonon Wasserman (ZTL, HY"D) in 'Ikvesa D'Meshicha' as stating that Zionism is literally Avodah Zorah and that "Religious Zionism" is "Avodah Zorah mixed with Yiddishkeit".

Based on the above (which I do not dispute), why wouldn't "Religious Zionists" be considered in the category of Apikorsom and Ovdei Avodah Zorah-that is, outside of Klal Yisroel- we wouldn't be able to count them for a minyan, drink wine they touched, etc.?

Yet, it certainly seems that this is not the case; it seems that although we consider them dead wrong and the actual beliefs unacceptable and having no legitamacy whatsover al pi Torah, we nonetheless consider the *people* who hold these beliefs to be maaminim who are shomrei Torah u'Mitzvos.

Ditto this question for 'Modern Orthodox'.

What is the explanation for this seeming contradiction?

Thank you for your time and patience.

There are 2 levels of Apikorsus:

(a) When someone purposely argues with the Torah, and

(b) when someone mistakenly believes the Torah holds like him.

In case A, the person is an Apikores no matter what the point is that he disagrees with the Torah about. Once someone says "I know the Torah bleieves this but I disagree," hes an Apikores.

In case B, where a person says "I would never disagree with the Torah, and since the Torah says that G-d has a nose, I believe that" --- which is analogous to most Zionists --- then you are an Apikores only if you disagree with or ar doubtful about one of the 13 Ikarim.

So, if you believe Hashem has a nose because it "says so in the Torah" then you are an Apikores since one of the 13 priciples is that G-d is incorporeal.

However, if you believe, let's say, that Haman lived in the days of Moshe (which the Koran actually says! I guess Mohammad didnt know too much Tanach) then even though your belief is Apikorsus (since it disagrees with the Torah) you are still entitled to be counted in a Minyan etc. because you do not intend to disagree with the Torah.

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