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HASHEM-----nahama dikisufa

question: If God is a kol yachol, He can arrange that we are not embarrassed. In fact we only get embarrassed because He made us that way.

Ergo there is not really a problem of Nahama Dikisufa??

answer: Not so. G-d cannot make another G-d, and G-d cannot go against His own nature, meaning, Emes.


(1) if G-d wants to give us the maximum possible reward, and according to justice - emes - a person does indeed deserve more if he worked harder, therefore it is not possible to give people who do not earn it, the maximum, unless you cheat - i.e. deny the fact that they would have gained more had they indeed worked. Since the maximum is the reward, it is not possible to bestow the reward in such a way that you COULD HAVE earned more. Therefore, he cannot give you the maximum without earning it.

(2) G-d cannot make another G-d. And since the ultimate, maximum reward is connecting to Hashem and enjoying His Perfection, you can only connect to G-d through the method of your Neshoma (which is a part of G-d) connecting to the Torah (which is the expression of G-d) - Yisroel V'Oraisa V'Kudsha Brich Hu Chad Hu. And the Torah could not have been any different just like G-d could not have been any different - there is only one version of perfection.

Therefore, in order to get the maximum reward possible, that is, connection to Hashem, you must fulfill the Torah. And the Torah works through the system of Justice and Lfum Tzaarah Agra.

This was discussed at length. The above is the nutshell version.

What you were taught, the Nahama D'Kisufa principle, is really a moshol and not meant to be taken the way you took it.

1 comment:

B said...

our neshama COMES form Hashem. It started off as part of Hashem! a chelek eloka mimaal!and Hashem was happy! what did he need to go create bodies and take us away so we could deserve it!

also, isn't everytihng we get in this world really from rachamim? we dont deserve anything! and we are not embarrassed? in fact, we see that Hashem loves us and it makes us feel good! Kul shekain when we are just neshamos, no?