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EMUNAH & BITACHON-----torah m'shomayim 2

We discussed in the “Proof to G-d’s Existence” and the “G-d” forums, that Torah is different than all the other so-called “religions” in that every other religion began with some guy claiming to have heard G-d tell him that He (G-d) wants to start a religion. Unverifiable, and hardly very believable. So all religions are based on “belief”, blind belief in a prophet who claims that G-d confided in him about starting the religion.

Of course, these religions could not claim that G-d came to the masses and said “Hello, I want to start Christianity”, because the masses don’t know anything about it. If Yoshkah would have told everyone “The Creator of the world came to all of us 400 years ago and told all of our ancestors to follow Yoshkah”, they of course would have said, “Hey Yoshkah, how come you’re the only one that knows about this?”. You can’t make up a story that involves the ancestors of millions upon millions of people.

But the Torah does just that. Hashem came to the entire nation saying, “I am Hashem. This is what I want from you…” If a human being would have written the Torah and tried to sell this idea to the descendants of the millions at Har Sinai, it could not have worked.

As opposed to Torah, here’s how the other religions started:

CHRISTIANITY – Mary comes home to her husband, Joseph, pregnant. It’s not his, and he’s upset. Joseph says an angel came to him secretly and explained her excuse: “G-d did it.” So now a religion starts. Oh, and Yoshka’s resurrection? Nobody claims to have seen it. Some claim that they saw Yoshkah alive after he was supposed to have been dead, but no verification has ever been provided. (Elvis lives!)

ISLAM – The religion started when Muhammad claimed to have heard a “message from G-d” that he was chosen to be the holy “chat’m” (a special kind of prophet). He heard other messages, too, and he compiled them into what later became the Quran (Koran). Nobody except Muhammad heard these messages. You either believe him or you don’t.
The Quran reports that Mohammed’s mother also heard a voice claiming that her son will be a king and prophet, but we have no idea if this woman ever told this to anyone or the story was made up afterwards, never mind if she herself was really telling the truth. Another “secret” revelation.

BUDDHISM – Prince Siddhartha Gautama claims to have been supernaturally “enlightened” whilst in the midst of a meditative trance. When he “woke up” he enlightened the rest of the world with his supernaturally obtained truths. (I am not making this up.)

MORMONS – A man named Joseph Smith claims to have been periodically visited by angels, Yoshkah, Hashem Himself – you name it – explaining to him that all religions are fake, and giving him the secret directions to some golden “luchos” with important messages. Smith further claims to have eventually located these tablets, and recorded their message into what is now called The Book of Mormon. A friend of Smith, by the name of Oliver Cowdery also claims to have been visited by certain Talmidim of Yoshkah who bestowed upon both Cowdery and Smith some type of priesthood. (I am not making this up either – check it out).

ONE MORE RELIGION WHO CLAIMS A PUBLIC REVELATION (check this out!) – For the following piece of research, I am indebted to Rabbi Leib Kellemen (to whom I am grateful also for helping out several friends of mine who were his students in Jerusalem), in “Permission to Receive” (Feldheim, ’96). There is ONE other religion that does indeed claim a public revelation. Some Indian groups have an oral tradition that the Hindu god Krishna addressed millions of warriors who participated in a certain battle. But – get this! – ALL THOSE WHO HEARD KRISHNA DIED IN THE BATTLE. Nobody survived to tell of the revelation. So how do we know it? Take a guess. Some individual, later in history was visited by Krishna privately who told him the story that nobody else knew. Lol.

JUDAISM - G-d Himself appeared to millions of Jews and told them "I am Hashem. This is what I want you to do . . . "

No comparison...

...The Torah could not have been concocted by some person, because the Torah, unlike every other religion in the universe, claims that Hashem revealed Himself to the entire nation instructing them in the laws.

We also know that shortly after the Torah claims that this happened, the Jews believed in it (King David was only 400 years after Kabalas HaTorah). If the Torah was made up, it would mean someone came to the entire nation claiming that THEIR ancestors, not long ago, ALL received the Torah from G-d, together. A few million people.

This cannot be fabricated, of course. Imagine if someone would come today and tell the population of Queens, NY that G-d came ot all their ancestors in the 1600's and gave them a Law that was handed down from generation to generation.

It would make no sense.

And that applies ot the details as well as the general rule. Whatever Mitzvah you believe could have been hand made, the question is, WHEN was it created? Since the Torah had to have been given at Mt. Sinai and it was in use right away, and for generations the Jews were already fulfilling it, and it was already the possession of the entire nation, HOW could someone just come and say "Hey! All you guys forgot one Mitzvah that your grandparents handed down to the millions of you that only I know about"?

The same proofs that exist for the whole Torah exist for the details.


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