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EMUNAH & BITACHON-----emunah peshutah

If you "just know" how do you know that your knowledge is truth and not a mistake?

Since you have no reason for your "knowledge" then you have no way to know that the knowledge is true.

That's not Emunah - that’s a safek. Because Emunah is not to "know" it’s to know that something is true. And even if you will say that you can just "know" something, you certainly cannot know, that that something is true.

Emunah Peshutah doesn’t man you "just know". Because how do you know what to have Emunah Peshutah in? And how do you know that what you believe in is true? You don’t, and that’s not Emunah at all.

Although it is true that an atheist’s heart has to be ignored, the question remains that if you must say that the atheist's heart lies, then hearts aren’t always reliable. That being the case, how do you know your heart is telling the truth?

Emunah Peshutah does not mean to believe for no reason. That makes no sense. If there’s no reason for the belief then it’s not belief - its wishful thinking, and/or doubt.

Remember: That type of believer can never answer the question: How do you know what you believe is true?

Emunah Peshutah means to believe because of the proof of Mesorah, or because of simple obvious reasons - as opposed to philosophical proofs. But there are reasons nonetheless. Even the Kuzari, who believes in Emunah Peshutah, agrees that the Halachah is that you have to KNOW for a fact that your Emunah is truth and not falsehood.

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