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TORAH and SCIENCE-----dinosaurs

Jess1246 Posted - 21 July 2004 11:03


What about dinosaurs?

In all of the books about Creation/evolution etc, there isn't the slightest mention of dinosaurs, which leads me to believe that there isn't an explanation for the existence of dinosaurs which accommodates Jewish belief, since it seems that they inhabited the earth long before humans....?

MODERATOR Posted - 21 July 2004 11:06

The reason why you don’t see any answers to this is because there’s no question to answer

Dinosaurs are n more of an issue than the duck billed platypus or any other extinct animal. Also, some say many giant animals perished if they could not fit into the teivah. But there is zero evidence outside of Hollywood science fiction flicks that dinosaurs lived on this world before humans.

Jess1246 Posted - 21 July 2004 15:44

But isn't it true that no human fossils have been found at the same level / time period/ whatever that dinosaur skeletons were found?

And forgive my "Jurassic park" imagery, but even if they were extinct AFTER the flood, doesn't it sound highly unlikely that people would be able to peacefully live in settlements before then at the same dinosaurs were roaming around? Without being constantly on the run, I mean?

MODERATOR Posted - 21 July 2004 16:16

No, it's not true. Actually, there have been human fossils found on the same level as dinosaur fossils, and even deeper; the fossil evidence itself doesn’t support the evolutionary theory in the slightest. On the contrary, Freud predicted that it would, and a century of digging has shattered his hopes. The evolutionists have yet to explain why the fossil evidence does NOT support their theory.

Dinosaurs didn’t run around attacking people like in the movies. In fact, many of them were vegetarians.

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