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MISC-----yeshiva + college or yu?

asdfg Posted - 30 October 2000 17:03

I have received mixed messages about college vs. YU or Touro.

I personally would like to go to a college near a big Jewish community so that I don’t have the pressure of Rebbeim and I can learn at my own pace and work my learning into college.

I don’t have very good communication with my parents, but they are definitely leaning towards YU. What is your feeling about going to college?

MODERATOR Posted - 30 October 2000 17:09

College is prohibited or discouraged according to a number of poskim, including Rav Moshe Feinstein ZT"L.

Between YU or secular college, I would say secular college. Two reasons:

(1) They don't claim that what they teach or do is under the auspices of an orthodox institution. In YU, you don't know what's right, what's wrong, what has the "haskama" of the Rebbeim, what doesn't. It's a place where a lot of unacceptable things happen -- like all colleges -- except it confuses you because you think you're in a Yeshiva.

(2) Secular college does not preach modern orthodoxy, YU does.

You should join a yeshiva part time if you are going to college. There are a number of Yeshivos that accommodate such a schedule.

eyebulge Posted - 30 October 2000 19:08

Excuse me moderator if I am being rude, but what you just said was ridiculous.

Its like asking " rabbi there are no ultra orthodox high schools in the area that I live in should I go to public school or a modern orthodox school?" Gee hard answer .

All of the posts from you that I have read until now were in one direction but this is totally going in the other direction.

What is so bad about YU? I think you have to agree with me on this one that the chances of a person going off the ways of Judaism is a million times higher if you go to a secular college than if you got YU.

Every thing that you posted until now i.e. about Tznius, music, etc is in one direction but going to a secular college according to you is totally against what you have said you sit next to girls, you learn evil ways , etc.

I understand that you don’t like YU’s ways but at least its Judaism.

How could you be in favor of the non Jews over your fellow brothers???????

- 30 October 2000 19:22


Chill. What I said was he should continue his learning in a regular part-time yeshiva and go to college at the same time. There are plenty of guys in many Yeshivos who do that. It is commonplace.

The advantage is that he will still be under the influence of his own variety of Rebbeim and environment. As opposed to going to YU where he will have a completely different version of frumkeit.

This has been an old question -- the YU or yeshiva + college. And the mainstream answer of all non-modern Orthodox institutions across the board has been Yeshiva + college rather than YU. And of course, there's always Touro, which is not a non-Jewish atmosphere but without teaching the shitos of modern orthodoxy. There and a yeshiva would be the best choice.

asdfg Posted - 31 October 2000 16:33

I forgot to mention that I am planning to go to Israel for a year before college and I want to go to a college near a big Jewish community so I can learn while I’m at college.

I forgot how the black hat yeshivish world thinks about YU but my parents definitely don’t see it that way. They want me to go to YU but they’ll probably be ok with me going to a college with a big Jewish population and near a big Jewish community.

I’d rather go to college because I wont have the pressure from rabbis that I most likely wont get along with.

MODERATOR Posted - 01 November 2000 18:08

Is this your decision or your fathers?

asdfg Posted - 02 November 2000 18:24

That’s a good question. It wouldn’t be my fathers but it could be my mothers. My mom says that she doesn’t think anyone should be forced to go where they don’t want to go but she feels pretty strongly about where she wants me to go.

I don’t know how serious she is about me going to YU but she has discussed colleges with me. Just so you know Im not a senior so this isn’t a pressing issue but its on my mind.

curiousg Posted - 06 November 2000 16:13

Any comments about Touro?

- 06 November 2000 16:15

Definitely a plus compared to other colleges in terms of environment, and without the philosophical connotations of YU.

OCB Posted - 07 November 2000 16:33


Would you agree that a boy from a non frum home- a community of non Jews- parents not supportive of frum Jews and choice is only YU or secular college that YU would be the better option?

MODERATOR Posted - 07 November 2000 16:42

Depends on the circumstances. If it's YU or no Judaism at all, that’s one thing. Then YU obviously is the right choice - his chances of marrying a non-Jewish girl, to mention just one issue - will be drastically reduced.

If its secular college and Judaism from some other source, such as a kiruv organization, a rabbi, or the like, versus YU, then, as I said, it would depend on the total circumstances, not merely the institution he attends.

Me Posted - 08 November 2000 14:31

I personally think that a sec. college is not so pashut why should frum yidden have to see and live thru the pritzus that goes on there and everything has an effect on the neshoma it doesn't sound so right to me.

Isn't the reason the Jewish colleges were set up to get away from all that garbage and be in frum environment????

asdfg Posted - 09 November 2000 13:11

Me, I suggest you ask someone who I shomer shabbos and kashrus that goes to a big college how hard it is. There are colleges like Penn and Yale where kosher food is available and there are others who keep shabbos.

My parents are most likely going to let me; I just talked to my dad. I think it would help to learn on my own as opposed to in a yeshiva because I don’t get along with rabbis at all. At college I can be frum at my own pace, not at the demanding pace of YU or Touro.

MODERATOR Posted - 09 November 2000 15:07

You're talking about dorming.

If you're a religious guy who learns and you can't find ANY rabbi you get along with, to the point where it drives you out of all yeshivas, there is something more to this picture.

But even if you refuse to go to any yeshiva you should still learn within a group rather than on your own. The difference in quality and motivation is considerable.

asdfg Posted - 10 November 2000 14:58

I didn’t mean learn on my own, I mean with a chavrusa but on my own time. I get along with some rabbis but I doubt ill get along with the rabbis at YU

Sweet Smell of Success Posted - 25 June 2004 14:29

Just out of curiosity Mod, what's your take on Parsons School of Design?

MODERATOR Posted - 25 June 2004 14:32

Well, the school factor is not a problem - it is for parnasa presumably, but the element there is uchy. You’re may have to sit there drawing a nude male model or something (I mean that seriously). And the people that go there do not create an atmosphere that the Torah wants you to be in.

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