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TEEN ISSUES-----are good grades important?

invisible Posted - 04 July 2006 14:26

Does it matter if I get good grades in school or not-will it really affect my life later if I don’t do good in school

MODERATOR Posted - 04 July 2006 15:35

Well, if you want to get into a good college, you’ll need good grades, especially on your SAT, and if you want a diploma in NY you have to pass your regents.

Other than that, not a whole lot of difference later in life what your grades are.

However, the things that you learn in school can help you later in life.

But most importantly, what you learn that will help you in life more than anything else is discipline, how to focus on a task, that efforts bring results, how to schedule your time, how to forgo watching TV at night because you have more important things to do, etc.

Those things you really do learn in school, and they are vital to your success.

This is why most kids who drop out of HS hoping to get a GED don’t end up doing it, at least not nearly in the time frame they imagined. Without the discipline and the focus and the control that you learn in school, it’s very very hard to learn whets needed to pass that GED.

So even in those classes that you don’t really need for life, help you live it successfully.

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