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MISC-----igros moshe and homosexuality


yoey Posted - 17 April 2002 16:32

Is there any cure can any frum therapists help someone change his sexual orientation?

MODERATOR Posted - 17 April 2002 21:35

Sometimes that can work, often not. It’s called Reparative Therapy, and the gays deny it’s even possible, but it is. Sometimes. If you email me privately - - I will give you the name of someone who has had some success in this area.

ptgard2281 Posted - 19 April 2002 20:36

If homosexuality is prohibited by the torah and people can't really prevent how they feel about their sexual orientation, then how can they be liable for be homosexual according to the torah?

Ani Yehudi Posted - 22 April 2002 17:09

It's the act of homosexuality that is Assur (this week's Parsha), not merely the orientation. If someone is born that way, that is his personal test - perhaps an extra difficult one - but we all have tests - some are more difficult than others.
(Based on something the mod wrote about a year ago)

us Posted - 29 May 2002 21:10

what exactly are the issurim between two girls? is it okay to just kiss? I learned that there aren't any and now I’m involved and neither of us want to do anything wrong, so please clarify.

MODERATOR Posted - 29 May 2002 21:42

Homosexuality between 2 women is prohibited by Torah law under "maaseh Eretz Mitzrayim." Whether there is a peripheral prohibition of "abizrayhu d'giluy arayos" was asked here before, and I said I have not found an answer to that.

I must say, however, that regardless of whether there is a prohibition of "negiyah" for two lesbians, the behavior you are asking about is definitely against the spirit of the law, and would certainly be prohibited under creating a Nisayon for yourself.

nSMe912 Posted - 28 August 2002 0:35

Doesn’t R' Moshe say in one of his Teshuvos (I found it in the yad moshe for mishcav Zachar... and I think its a famous Teshuva) that homosexuality isn’t natural and no one is born with that trait naturally.

You just developed it I think due to running out of things to do or something like that.

But I agree that if loo yetzoor that you are born with that natural desire that its just an added nisayon.

MODERATOR Posted - 28 August 2002 1:14

Yes he does say that. But I do not believe he meant all homosexual behavior in all cases - a dysfunction of nature, a type of illness if you will, can certainly create within a person any kind of bizarre biological fact - but even according to what he says (i.e. the taavah is because of mayim genuvim yimtaku - "stolen waters are sweet", and the fact that it is wrong makes it desirable), it is not the person's fault he has the orientation - mayim genuvim yimtaku is also a taavah that he did not choose to have.

The fact that stolen waters are sweet means that it is not natural, but it is still not of his choosing since he did not ask the stolen waters to be sweet.

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