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MISC-----2 yetzer haras


live4613 Posted - 12 August 2002 16:30

I have a question that I haven't really been answered clearly: are the yetzer hatov and yetzer hara 2 different entities within us, and then we havta choose between them, or are we all one being with just diff pulls to good and to bad? I mean, are we really 3 different parts or just 1 part?

MODERATOR Posted - 12 August 2002 16:39

There are two Yetzer Horahs:

1) The physical part of you, which includes your body and the "animal" part of your soul - those parts of you desire materialistic things, since they are material. We have to resist their pull.

2) An angel designated by Hashem to create Nisyonos for you. This angel messes with your head, tries to fool you into thinking aveiros and mitzvos, confuses you, and is very precise in the amount of "pressure" he puts on you to do an aveirah.

The idea that "the bigger a person is the greater his yetzer" means this Yetzer - not the first one, since the greater a person is, the less strong the materialistic part of him becomes.

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