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HALACHA-----honesty/ copyright laws


bld Posted - 18 June 2001 18:23

Am I allowed to post divrei torah taken from sefarim on my web site?
Let's say the sefer is written in Hebrew and I would translate into English and use my own wording?
And does it make a difference if the author isn't alive anymore?

Saadia Posted - 18 June 2001 21:55

And what about copying pages from modern Seforim (e.g. Artscroll) which explicitly prohibit reproduction "in any form". It seems to me that most people ignore this, often copying several pages, for shiurim, etc. Do they have some sort of Heter or are they wrong.

MODERATOR Posted - 26 June 2001 21:22

If by copying these things you are causing the author a loss - for example, now they do not have to go to the other website since they can see the torah on yours, or now they do not have to buy the Artscroll books because they have your copies - then it is prohibited. But if you are not taking away anything from the author - example: you are a teacher and the school would not buy more ArtScroll books anyway - then it is permitted.

If the material on a website is copyrighted, the chances are you are likely to be "stealing" people form their site. Therefore you would not be allowed to do it.

In the case of the school, however, or plain copies, if you are not preventing the purchase of additional books with your copies, it would be permitted.

iz Posted - 21 September 2001 16:23

Is one allowed to listen to copied tapes that have received as a gift?

MODERATOR Posted - 21 September 2001 17:52

If you would have bought it on your own, you may not.

If you would never have bought the tape, you may listen.

If you aren’t 100% sure, do not listen.

smile2u Posted - 18 October 2001 14:51

I got a gift of a copied cd that was selling for 50$,i wouldn’t of spent that but I might of eventually would have got it may I listen to that cd?

MODERATOR Posted - 18 October 2001 19:41

You say "might have". That means you don’t know.

You can’t listen.

Lynx Posted - 30 August 2001 1:44

I understand that dubbing copyrighted tapes is assur. What about if I am only dubbing certain songs off of each tape- aka making a \"favorites tape\"? I would not be doing it INSTEAD of buying a tape; merely IN ADDITION TO buying it.

MODERATOR Posted - 30 August 2001 2:28

If it says sold on the condition that not even part of the tape be reproduced you may not do it. If it does not specify "even part", then it is permitted. Please see the "Napster" section of this forum.

Sarco Posted - 02 June 2002 19:04

what about getting a tape/cd out of the library and dubbing most of it. not buying it at all. what if you never intended to buy it?

MODERATOR Posted - 02 June 2002 20:44

If you wouldn’t have bought it, and are therefore not causing the producers a loss, it is permitted.

Qs Posted - 29 May 2002 16:16

It says that these message boards are copyright, right? But I am constantly reading posts and copying them onto my computer... is that wrong?

MODERATOR Posted - 29 May 2002 17:10

No. You’re allowed to make yourself a personal copy. It’s for mass use or if it takes away business that is covered by the Copyright law.

yideleh Posted - 02 June 2002 19:04

What do you mean if it takes away from business? Since when is there business involved here?
And you're serious about the stuff on this site being copyrighted? If I was a teacher and wanted to use some ppl's examples or your answers for my students, I can't hand out a print out?

MODERATOR Posted - 02 June 2002 20:48

There is no business here currently. Downloading something for your own personal use is not a violation of copyright laws.

Live613 Posted - 19 November 2001 17:03

Is it permitted to buy a book in order to photocopy 1/2 pages and then return it as if unused? (If it’s not allowed I wouldn’t buy and keep the book)

Also say you hafta spend $20.00 to get a gift from a makeup place and then you return the thing you buy for 20 bucks so you got a gift for free- is that okay?

MODERATOR Posted - 19 November 2001 20:52

No, it is not permitted, both cases

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