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BECHIRAH-----and istakel boraisa

LiLIsraeli Posted - 09 February 2006 14:30

K, based on this Zohar, "Istakel b'Oraysa u'vara alma" (and other things I've learned - on this site as well), Hashem first created the Torah, and based on what it says in the Torah, He then created the world.

So the actions of the people in the Torah were written about before they took place. For example, Adam's sin was in the Torah before it happened, and Avraham passed the ten nisyonos before they happened as well.

If their actions were decided before they did them, how can we say that they had Bechirah?

If Korach's sin was written about in the Torah, there was no way that Korach could have NOT sinned!

Then the entire Torah would have been proven false.

So how does this fit into the concept of bechirah?

MODERATOR Posted - 09 February 2006 14:32

Your question applies also to after the world was created, after the Torah was given, but the subsequent events that are described in the Torah did not yet take place.

Did Moshe get a Torah that said Moshe got punished for hitting the stone? If so, then why did he do it?

The answer to both questions is that the Torah is made up of names of

LiLIsraeli Posted - 14 March 2006 15:28

Awww, Moderator! I got so excited that you finally answered my post and I don't even get a real answer! Please post the rest as soon as possible.

Oh - just a point about the tiny little response that I did get:

"Did Moshe get a Torah that said Moshe got punished for hitting the stone? If so, then why did he do it?"

That's not my question. My point was that the Torah MUST be true, because the Torah is truth. So if Moshe got the Torah which said that he hit the stone and got punished for it, how could he NOT do it? Doesn't that negate his Bechirah?

His actions and their consequences were already predicted from before the world was created.

MODERATOR Posted - 03 April 2006 9:06

Sorry. Something obviously went wrong with my post.

Both the GRA and the Baal Shem Tov answer this Q saying that the Torah is, in its "pnimiyus", comprised of different Names of Hashem and combinations thereof.

That’s what Moshe got on Har Sinai. As the events unfolded, the names formed simple Hebrew words, but had different events occurred, the words would have been formed differently.

So even though the Torah was written before the world, the "external" combination of the letters and words happened as the events transpired.

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