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ZIONISM-----aliya and ingathering of the exile

stars20 Posted - 05 September 2004 15:30
What do you say about the ingathering of Jews that is happening now. Do you think that the prophecy was meant for before or after mashiach comes?

MODERATOR Posted - 05 September 2004 15:58
"Ingathering"? There is no ingathering happening now. While it is true that many people are making Aliyah, that does not constitute "ingathering of exiles", besides which many are making Yeridah as well, becoming car service drivers and furniture movers in Chutz Laaretz.

Kibutz Goliyos wont happen anyway, until after Moshiach comes, as you say in Shemonah Esrei - "yitakah beshoraf gadol lechariusainu, v'sa nes lekabetz" etc. Who do you think is going to blow that shofar?

And, as the Raavad mentions, Kibutz Goliyus will not happen by people going straight into EY. First we will have to wander in the desert again for 40 years with Moshiach, the way we did the first time, and only afterwards will we reach or ultimate goal of going into EY.

And all that happens after Moshiach comes.

Rachack Posted - 06 September 2004 19:29
where is that Raavad?

MODERATOR Posted - 06 September 2004 19:31
Commentary of the Raavad to Edios 2:9.

See also Rashi Yechezkel 20:35, which is the prophecy that the Raavad is referring to. The Ramban in Maamar HaVikuach says this will take 45 years.

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