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HALACHA-----milchig bread and english muffins


bresna Posted - 12 August 2002 15:56

I learnt the halacha that you are not allowed to have milcheg bread. Thomas' English muffins have an ou-dairy. Is one allowed to eat them?

MODERATOR Posted - 12 August 2002 16:03

There were/are two heterim for having English muffins. One is not acceptable and the other depends on the facts, which need to be discerned.

The first heter is that, since it lists milk in the ingredients on the package, that is the same as having a "siman" on the product telling people that it is milchig.

This heter should not be used because there is no precedent for writing on the package of a product, which is not present when you eat the product, to qualify as a siman.

The second heter is that all muffins are milchig, and supposedly that is well known, and therefore just by looking at the English Muffin you will automatically know it is milchig.

This depends on whether those facts are true. I do not know if in fact all such muffins made by all companies on the market are milchig or if that fact is well known. (All I can tell you is that I, as an average, every day consumer, do not know it.)

damalhashiv Posted - 11 May 2003 22:01

what is the halacha about milchig bread?

MODERATOR Posted - 11 May 2003 22:14

Its not permitted without a siman on the bread.

kooky Posted - 24 June 2003 20:19

But r'mod..didn't you say that keeping cholev yisroel is clear halacha?? So Thomas’s muffins aren’t even kosher.. how can ou or a/o else give hashgacha on that or a/t else that’s chalev stam??? I'm confused...esp. since I hold by r'moshe's psak/heter GAMUR and u said that it doesn’t mean what I’ve been taught it does.. pls explain!!

MODERATOR Posted - 24 June 2003 20:23

According to Rav Moshe cholov stam is permitted in dire circumstances - shas hadchak - but not otherwise. English muffins, if in the category of milchig bread would be prohibited even bshas hadchak.

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