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CHIZUK-----to a girl offered a tv role


MiriEsti122 Posted - 09 December 2005 9:15

PLEASE HELP ME!!! I was offered a role on a TV show for the WB... I used to be into acting but I became more frum over the years, now I don't know what to do!!

This was my DREAM and now that I finally have this chance it may be too much for my yetzer hatov to handle!!!

~~Miri Esti~~

MODERATOR Posted - 09 December 2005 10:59

This is a massive nisayon. This is emotional war -- between you and the Yetzer. You want this job - this is your dream. It would make you unique among your peers. It will be an accomplishment that so few people ever attain. And a prominent one, too.

But its the worst thing for you. It will ruin you, and BH you know that.

You need to look at this job as something that will destroy you. Destroy your Neshomah, your future, your aspirations - the ones that really count.

You need to focus on the fact that one day you’ll have a family, a home, children, and the battle here is not only for your sake, but for theirs, too.

You are going to be the akeres habayis, the chachmas nashim bansa beisa of your household.

It's not only you that the Yezter Horah is attacking now, its your future children as well.

He wants them to grow up in a different type of home than you envision now. He wants them to admire their mother for her role as a television actress, to be proud of her for that, as opposed to the pride they would have in you now, when you tell then that you turned down the TV role you were offered because you wanted a more frum home.

Focus on that image in your mind: your children bragging to their friends about how their mother could have been a TV start but she turned it down for a Yiddishe home.

Your husband will respect you forever for that. It's something that your children will repeat to their children.

Focus on that and don’t let the Yetzer Horah get that image out of your head for a moment.

And then imagine the type of home you’ll have if you do take this job, and, as you say, you are unable to handle the yetzer horah.

Think of the difference in the look of that home as opposed to the home described before.

The difference in your children.

The difference in what your children are proud of in their Mom.

The difference in how your husband and children look at you.

The difference in how your children look at themselves, being brought up in a different type home.

And then be moser nefesh by turning down this job, because its so not worth it. Its so poisonous.

Do it for yourself, and if the Yezter Horah makes that hard for you, then do it for your children.

For you to do an aveirah is one thing --- but to change your entire home, to change your children, to change their future -- that’s what the Evil One is trying to trick you into doing here.

You have so much to gain by saying no here --- you have something to be proud of forever, and by that I mean in this world and the next.

Your family will be smiling forever in Gan Eden, proud of their wife and mother - and grandmother - because she chose Olam Habah.

When you think about it that way, when you realize what you have to gain here, you realize that there is sooo much more to gain, so much to gain that you will probably never have another chance to gain - for how many people in this world, including the biggest most righteous women in the world - have such a story to be proud of? - that the decision you want to make becomes crystal clear.

By saying no to this offer, you can enter into the realm of those about whom they tell over stories of righteousness. You can rocket straight up into that category.

Please focus on the gain here. On the home, on the pride, and on what you can acquire for the rest of your life.

For you and your children.

I am praying for you.

And I am praying that, after you decide, all those who need strength in their spiritual struggles should be know about what you did. Because they will be inspired by it. A lot.


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