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CHIZUK-----am i brainwashed?

Me Posted - 06 December 2000 21:32

Why does almost the whole world consider that if you feel something's right to do and it has to do with being a good erliche nice frum Jew you are labeled "brainwashed"? I HATE it!! it makes me sick.

When I say I shouldn't do this or that b/c it's wrong to do ppl just tell me oh you're brainwashed.

If I make a comment that I could be spending my time saying Tehillim now ppl get all offensive tell me I am brainwashed and say that not everything in life is based on totally doing this and that for torah and if I try saying yes it is they say see told ya your brainwashed. So I don't bother saying that.

But it really gets me annoyed. just because I feel it's right to be Tznius and stuff does that make me brainwashed? especially if I was the one who insisted on it before I was told I have to?

it's like I was having a conversation with a few of the 12th graders who were excited since a friend got back from sem and got engaged a few weeks ago. they were talking about which one of their sisters would be next and one said oh probably none of them should get married this yr and if they do they're gonna flop. so I asked why and they said b/c right when they get back from sem they’re still brainwashed and so they think wow I am so frum and ready to get married and then they just flop.

I was really annoyed. it wasn't the first time I heard such things and just because a seminary is giving you views of life you might want to take and you choose to take it does that mean you were brainwashed and it's all a fraud????

- 08 December 2000 19:08

It’s a psychological defense mechanism these girls are using so that they shouldn’t feel guilty for being what they are and doing what they do. When they ask themselves “You know what is right how come you don’t do it?” they need to answer to themselves that it’s not realistic for them to do it. It just ISN’T done. So when they see an adult doing the right thing they can distinguish in their heads by saying “Well, that’s a rabbi, but I’m a teenager”. Or something like that.

But when another teenager with the same tastes, urges, culture, and background rises so much higher than them leaving them in the dust, they need to psychologically find something to make themselves feel better because WHY can SHE do the right thing and not me?

So they say, “Ah, she’s brainwashed.”

Yeah, well, you’re not brainwashed, you’re deprogrammed.

Brainwashed, huh? They run to buy whatever the Gap advertises that season because otherwise they’re just soooo out of style; they pierce their tongues and various other body parts because others are doing it these days; vests, Capri pants, Fubu shirts , whatever the commercials say buy they mindlessly go out and buy . . .

. . . and you’re the one who’s brainwashed?

I don't think so.

This is how your non-brainwashed friends function:

Major companies hire people to observe adolescents to find out what is "cool". These "cool hunters", as they are called, then report their findings back to the corporations, who in turn develop product lines.

The fashion of baggy clothing originated from the skateboarding culture of the '80s. They used baggy clothing because of it was practical and allowed the skaters more freedom of movement.

In the beginning, baggy jeans were used by painters and purchased at second-hand or discount stores.

When the designers discovered this trend, they were quick to jump on the bandwagon, introducing many different types of baggy pants and making them into must-have contemporary fashion.

Pants which at one time cost two to five dollars now run upwards of fifty dollars.

And you’re the one who’s brainwashed? Yeah, right.

Almost the very first Halachah in Shulchan Aruch is “al yisbayesh mipnei hamaligim,” Do not worry about the ridiculers”.

These people have a problem. They feel guilty for doing what they do and for being what they are. They CAN change, but they refuse to admit that’s even a possibility, because then they have to look themselves in the mirror every day and answer why they don’t. So instead they go into denial, claiming that they cannot change, and that if another teenager does improve themselves, does grow, does the right thing, does make themselves happy --- that they are merely “brainwashed”. They don’t even know what the term means.

The decision, “Me”, was YOURS. You are not brainwashed at all. You have become independent. If someone leaves a cult, the remaining cult members will say he’s been ‘brainwashed” by the outside world. Yeah, right. Look at it like that. These people in the cult of the Yetzer Horah need an excuse for why you are able to escape from the Yetzer Horah and they aren’t. Or they don’t want to.

Let them say what they say. Deep down they know why they’re doing it; they just can’t admit it. They want to remain wallowing in their mud and never grow higher and reach for something greater, that’s their business. Have Rachmonus on them. But it has nothing to do with you.

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