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ZIONISM-----the "misheberach"

I took the liberty of omitting the insulting rhetoric in your post.

I have no idea where you get this idea. I said no such thing. I said on the contrary, we should pray and do all hishtadlus possible to save Jewish lives. End of story. Beyond that, I haven’t the foggiest notion of where you’re coming from.

And regarding the Tzibur, it all depends on who you consider the Tzibbur. I assume you are referring to the Mi shebayrach for the Tzahal that was discussed here.

Just because some people say it does not constitute the "Tzibur's" behavior. Part of the problem here is that the Zionists believe that they have the power to demand that everyone follow their approach and if they don’t, they are guilty of "non-achdus" or being "poresh min hatzibur".

The fact is, the Modern Orthodox or Religious Zionist camp does not constitute the "Tzibur" of Klall Yisroel. What they do may be accepted or rejected by any Tzibur as they see fit. The fact that some people do something is not a compelling reason to jump and do it as well. There is no reason, except Zionism, to pray for the Chayalim any more than we pray for all the other Jews in danger around the world. We pray for all of them collectively.

Just because some congregations decided to make a special Mi Shebayrach for those who serve the Medinah does not mean anyone else has to follow suit. If you’re so interested in following the Tzibur, then why don’t you follow the Chareidi Tzibur that refuses to say it?

So many times on these boards people claim that everyone in the world has to do what they do, or else they are "breaking achdus". Its such an absurd position I really wonder if these people are really living in such a bubble, that, they think they are Klall yisroel and everyone else must follow them.

People see things differently. Live with it. Until you can give me a decent reason to say the Mi Sheberach in my shul, I see no reason to do it.

The reason it is done elsewhere has nothing to do with Ahavas Yisroel or saving Jews - for if so, ALL Jews in danger would be treated equally - but rather a loyalty to the Medinah that entails the provision of a special status to those Jews who serve it, above all the other Jews in the world, who are in equal or more danger, and whose Tefilos and Torah learning in the face of that danger protects us all from our enemies, as much as the chayalim. That’s pure Zionism, and it has nothing to do with me

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