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ZIONISM / ANTI-----r avigdor miller

(Note: numbers in parenthesis refer to paragraph numbers in Rabbi Miller's book)

Rav Avigdor Miller ZTVK”L
Awake My Glory

Paragraphs 345-355

345. To fill the hollow caused by the lack of Torah, the straying multitude created a substitute in the form of Zionism. This counterfeit Judaism, together with Marxism and Bundism, overwhelmed the last generation of Eastern Europe; and since the emergence of the State of Israel the Zionists have made themselves the spokesmen for the Jewish people and claim to be their saviors.

346. Let us see what they have accomplished.
They have succeeded in gaining for Jews the hostility of the entire Arab world and of most of the “Third World” nations. They have fomented bad relations with Russia and to some extent with France and Mexico. They have created animosity in the United States and elsewhere.

347. These achievements are of small benefit to Jews, but the Israelis and their Zionist proponents are persistent, because they hope to make all lands untenable for Jews (as they did in all Moslem countries) so that Jews be forced to settle in the State of Israel which is losing the population race against the local Arabs (one million Jewish babies have been slain by the abortion in the State of Israel from 1948 to 1976, equal to the number of Jewish children slain by Hitler).

348. It is not surprising that the Israelis (756, 759) have so little interest in universal Israel and in historic Israel, and many are disloyal even to their own State. The first of May has been enthusiastically celebrated in Israel from its outset, because the leading parties (with the largest organization and most institutions and periodicals) are followers of Karl Marx. It is ridiculous to expect of Marxists that they should have loyalty to an ethnic or religious state, or to have loyalty to anything but Power (551). Those who disbelieve in a Creator have not the slightest logical inhibition against betraying their own countrymen, or against pocketing public funds for themselves, or against any form of moral perversion or social injustice. Atheists, and disbelievers in a Torah from Sinai, are obviously insincere in any declarations of principles of any kind; they can have no more principle than birds and insects.

The charlatan “idealists” ridicule the materialists for seeking ease and luxury, and for neglecting the noble aspirations of “social justice”. They themselves are truly ridiculous, for insects or plants need no aspirations other than their own desires. These men are actually the least interested in any idealism.

349. When Karl Marx the atheist demanded justice for the downtrodden; he had not an iota of sincerity. The Jew is downtrodden, yet Marx’s letters are full of anti-Jewish vituperation. During his immoral career he begot at least one illegitimate child, whom he disavowed and refused to support. A heavy drinker, always in debt, constantly abusive, self-pitying, wheedling his friends and vilifying them when they wearied of him: this is the “prophet” who summons others to righteousness with paranoid fury. He serves as a perfect role model for all the liberal impostors who hope to ride to glory on the white steed of “reform” and “social justice.”
It is therefore quite fitting that his Soviet disciples are the first to raise their voices to condemn others as imperialists, while they themselves are the worst imperialists, as in the cases of East Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Esthonia, Hungary, and elsewhere.

350. A heavy blood-guilt lies on the heads of the leaders of the Zionist organizations, together with the Jewish Agency and the heads of the State of Israel. Their conspiracy of intentional silence was instrumental in foiling the attempts to rescue Jews from the Nazi annihilation, and they also actively frustrated the efforts of the rescuers (754-764).
The Zionists betrayed their people and forsook them to their fate, because the Zionists had also betrayed their people’s ideals. They have so completely falsified the genuine attitude of historic Israel that today the Israelis and their sympathizers have more in common with the most depraved gentiles than with Jews.

351. “Entering the army at 18, for most young women means their first experience away from home and their introduction to sexual intercourse…At headquarters there is much socializing, encouraged by regular army officers. Frequent parties are held, and the easy-going familiarity promotes an eroticism that is distinctly Jewish” (A History of the Israeli Army, by Zeev Schiff, p. 124). “Jewish eroticism” is a new concept which does not exist outside of the minds of Zionists and Israelis.

352. In a poll of Israeli youth, the majority declared that had they not been born as Jews they would prefer to be non-Jews.

353. “In Israel, prior to the legislation of abortions, the vast number of abortions were performed on unmarried girls mainly in the army” (Jewish Press, Oct. 6, 78). Today the slaughter of Jewish babies is even greater.

354. A generation has developed in the State of Israel which hates Judaism, and a large class of serious criminals also exists. Pornography and every form of degradation are now available in the Holy Land.
The venom of the Israeli press against observant Jews is unequalled anywhere.

355. Like all substitutes for Torah-Judaism, Zionism has proved a dismal failure; and like all false systems, it should be easy to recognize its hollowness and its malignity.


Rav Avigdor Miller ZTVK”L
Awake My Glory

Paragraphs 517-518

517. But let us turn to reproach by vile men on the Jewish side.
The Zionists (also “religious” Zionists) delight in accusing the East-European Torah-leaders as “responsible” for the destruction of the Six Million, because they were not enthusiastic over the Zionist settlement of Eretz Israel. But it is common knowledge that the Torah-scholars founded the Jewish community in the Holy Land, and that the Zionists refused immigration certificates for the orthodox.

518. Actually, the Torah-leaders were the true shepherds of mercy, but the Nationalists were partners with the nations in the blood guilt of multitudes of Jews. The Zionist organization is powerful, and therefore copies of “Perfidy” are not available even in rare-book stores. “Perfidy” is the toned-down version of what the author really knew, but it demonstrates that the Zionist leaders allowed a great number of European Jews to be destroyed when there was opportunity to save them (754-759). The truth is that the only Jews rescued from Hitler (except Zionist part functionaries who were saved by the party) were those whom the Torah-Sages redeemed with the bitterly scraped-together funds that they personally collected, such as by the Vaad Hatzalah. All that the Zionists did was to prevent any action to rescue Jews, as is documented in “Perfidy”; and that is the reason that this book is not available.

Rav Avigdor Miller ZTVK”L
Awake My Glory

Paragraphs 747-773

747. Who are the eyes of the people of Israel?
In the Torah (Bamidbar 15:25) we read: “The eyes of the congregation”. These are the Beth Din (Sanhedrin) of the Torah-leaders, for they are best able to see. When a nation is wise enough to understand that they must see not through the eyes of power-holders or demagogues, but through the eyes of the Torah-Sages, that is a healthy nation. The Jews are hard to convince (Shmos 4:1, 34:9) but because they diligently study G-d’s Torah and strive to love Him with all their heart (Dvarim 6:4), therefore they love and fear His Sages. The modern-orthodox rabbi queries: “Should we follow the Gedolim like blind sheep?” Indeed we are blind sheep. Every sheep thinks that he can see; and it is only when we understand that “the eyes of the congregation” are the only ones capable of seeing, that we can avoid straying into disaster.

748. The lilliputian secular leaders and the reform “rabbis” have blindly led the masses into perilous paths, and it was they that poured oil on the Nazis’ wrath and turned it into a cataclysm. “They ridiculed the humble ways of the old generations and they mocked the Torah-way of placating the nations by restraint and quiet diplomacy, and thus the majority of Jewry were misled into the policy of Nationalism and of demanding their rights with vociferousness. This was at a time when most of Europe lay helpless under the feet of the evil Hitler and his allies who clustered around him. At that time these unthinking (the Jewish “leaders”) rose up in their places of security in the free lands and they cast ridicule upon Hitler and enraged him by their irresponsible demonstrations and speeches…and they kindled his wrath by the reckless boycott. All this was in the year 5693 (1933) when the nations were still at peace with this evil one (Hitler) and there was no way other than humility and negotiation by persuasion. But these self-ordained leaders acted according to the opposite of wisdom and the opposite of the oath imposed by G-d (not to arouse the nations by open opposition), and they had a great share in arousing the frenzy of the mad dog to the highest degree” (Min Hametzar, Rabbi M. D. Weismandl).

749. How different the results would have been had the people given ear to the Torah-Sages! Following the wise precedents of Torah-history, and motivated solely by unselfish principles (unlike the demagoguery and notoriety-seeking of the Reformers and other anti-Torah elements) the Torah-leaders were successfully establishing contacts with Hitler’s lieutenants and might have rescued millions, if not for the non-cooperation of the powerful and wealthy “leaders”, and also because of outright obstruction (read “Perfidy” by Ben Hect if you can find a copy which has escaped the attention of the Zionists). When leaders are not doves, but ravens and buzzards, the masses are not favored by G-d’s approval.

750. To this day we continue to feel in our bones the effects of wrong leadership. The second Exile was but the result of the first Exile and a continuation thereof, and the first Exile was a direct result of the break off of the Ten Tribes in the days of Rechabeam. How did the break off come? When Solomon was succeeded by his son Rechabeam, the people spoke to the young king: “Your father made our yoke heavy. Now therefore make the difficult service of your father and his heavy yoke…lighter, and we shall serve you…. And the king Rechabeam consulted the Elders… and they said: If you will be a servant to this people…and speak good words to them, they will be your servants all the days. But he forsook the counsel of the Elders and he consulted the young men who grew up with him…. and they said: Thus shall you speak to this people…. My father loaded a heavy yoke upon you, and I will add to your yoke; my father chastised you with whips, and I will chastise you with thorns” (I Kings 12:4-11). The Ten Tribes thereupon seceded.

751. And now, instead of a united kingdom, there remained two weak states. In addition to squandering their strength by warring with each other, each now became an easy prey for the predator nations; and they went into exile eventually, one after the other. To hearken to any but the Torah-Elders means to invite catastrophe. “If the youths say to you ‘Build!’ and the Elders say ‘Destroy!’ then destroy and do not build, because building by youths is destruction, and destruction by Elders is building” (Megillah 31 B). “An Elder is only one who has acquired wisdom (Torah)” (Kiddushin 32 B); all others are included in “youths”.

752. This has always held true. During the siege of Jerusalem prior to the Second Destruction, the good element headed by the Sages attempted to make peace with the Roman besiegers, and they were approaching their goal. But the Sadduccess and Herodians, who wished to supplant the Sages as the nation’s leaders, now committed an act of wicked irresponsibility that altered the entire course of events and made the Destruction inevitable. “G-d turned their minds to the worst counsel…. and in order to overthrow Jochanan (the general appointed by the Sages) they determined to admit Shimeon” (Wars, IV, 9, 11). Shimeon bar Giora was admitted into the city, and he and his irresponsible followers warred against the good element and raised the flag of revolt against Rome. Thus Josephus (himself not a follower of the Sages) declares that the Sadduccees and Herodians (the equivalent of today’s Reformers and assimilationist liberals) brought on a reign of terror which destroyed all hope of peace with Rome and culminated in the great Destruction.

753. Similarly, the disloyal of today work to undermine the welfare of their own people. The Jewish Federation Council of Los Angeles presented its first annual “Hiller” award to a man who donated $50,000 to the A.C.L.U. for the express purpose that the money be used solely to aid the American Nazis to gain the right to parade their banners and slogans in public (Jewish Press 8/18/78).

754. The Zionist leaders together with the Reform “rabbis” aided substantially in the destruction of the European Jews.
In July 1938 President Roosevelt convened the Evian Conference to consider the problem of Jewish refugees. At that time a German offer was made to release Jews at $250 per person. The Jewish Agency, headed by Golda Meir, decided to ignore the offer.
At this conference, the delegation from the Jewish Agency made no effort to influence the United States or any of the 32 other participating nations to open their gates to admit German Jews.

755. When a shipload of Jewish refugees on the Danube river were refused permission to disembark anywhere, Henry Montor the leader of the United Jewish Appeal explained that they could not be allowed to sail to the Holy Land because “Palestine cannot be flooded with… old people or with undesirables” (Feb. 1, 1940).

756. On Nov. 25, 1940 the Haganah commanders ordered the blowing up of the ship Patria in Haifa Harbor as a protest against England’s plan to send refugees to Mauritius instead of to Palestine, and thus 272 Jewish refugees perished.

757. On Dec. 17, 1942 both houses of the British Parliament declared readiness to afford temporary residence fro endangered persons, but on Jan. 27 a spokesman for the Zionists stated that the Jews opposed the motion because Palestine was omitted.

758. The New York papers (Feb. 16, 1943) publicized Romania’s offer of 70,000 Jews of Trans-Dniestria at the price of $50 each. On Feb. 24 Stephen Wise the president of the American Jewish Congress and leader of U. S. Zionists publicly denied the authenticity of the offer and declared that no collection of funds “would seem justified.” The Jewish Agency in England also ridiculed the news of the Rumanian offer. But Under-secretary of State A. A. Berle affirmed privately that the Rumanian government had actually made such an offer to the State Department. Some time later, when all the Jews who could have been rescued had been annihilated, the facts of the offer were confirmed by Bartley Crum, an expert on affairs of the Near East, who declared that the 70,000 Jews could easily have been transported through Turkey by a few days’ travel in trucks, but the State Department had refrained from publicizing the news of the offer due to Jewish (Zionist) pressure.

759. On Feb. 18, 1943 Yitzchak Greenbaum, chairman of the “Rescue” Committee of the Jewish Agency declared at a Zionist Executive Council in Tel-Aviv: “When they asked me: Could you not give money from the United Jewish Appeal funds for the rescue of Jews in Europe? I said No! And I say again, No! One should resist this wave which pushes the Zionist activities to secondary importance.”

760. In 1944 the Emergency Committee to Save the Jewish People called upon the United States to establish a War Refugee Board. Stephen Wise came before an especial committee of Congress to object to this proposal.

761. In 1948* President Roosevelt planned to open the gates of America to 150,000 refugees, and Great Britain agreed to follow suit. When Roosevelt’s emissary Morris L. Ernst came to England, the Zionist leaders declared: “This is treason. You are undermining the Zionist movement.” As a result, Roosevelt informed Great Britain that the project must be abandoned: “We cannot put it over because the dominant vocal Jewish leadership won’t stand for it.”
762. In 1947 Congressman William Stratton sponsored a bill to grant immediate entry to the U.S. of 400,000 displaced persons. The bill was publicly denounced by the Zionist leaders, and it was therefore not passed.

763. On Feb. 23, 1956 J. W. Pickersgill the minister of immigration was asked in the Canadian House of Commons: “would he open the doors of Canada to Jewish refugees?” He replied: “The government has made no progress in that direction, because the government of Israel…. does not wish us to do so”.

764. On July 15, 1971 the Zionist leaders, through Herman Weissman the president of the Zionist Organization of America, successfully opposed an effort in the U.S. Congress to allow 30,000 Russian refugees to enter the United States.

765. But when we turn to view the deeds of the true leaders of Israel we see an entirely different picture.
The Sages of our people, following the principles of the Torah, concentrated all their thoughts and efforts on the saving of Jewish lives. The Vaad Hatzalah was organized by the Torah-leaders, and they toiled to raise money and to carry on negotiations and to send help to their suffering and imperiled brethren. They were not supported by the wealthy, they were ignored by the big “Jewish” organizations, and they were opposed and slandered by the irreligious. But it was they, and only they, who actually succeeded in rescuing many Jews and bringing them to a safe haven.

766. Had Jews in America, Canada, England, Australia, South Africa and Switzerland and elsewhere followed the Torah-leaders, the story would have been entirely different. Rabbi Weismandel of Nitra poured out his heart’s blood in the effort to save Jewish lives, but the “reform” (assimilationist) and Zionist leaders of the deluded Jewish masses in the free countries turned a deaf ear to his impassioned entreaties.

767. Because the Jewish populace of Eastern Europe, like those elsewhere, had ceased to regard the Gedolei-Torah as their leaders and spokesmen (740), and they had given prestige and power to the atheists and enemies of Torah, now in their hour of bitter need they were given a taste of the bitterness of the non-Torah leadership. At the famed Kastner trial it was revealed that the Zionist leaders in Hungary, in cooperation with the world Zionist leaders, had betrayed the Jewish masses and had prevented them from taking steps to save themselves by flight over the nearby border. At the same trial it was also revealed that Joel Brand, the emissary who went to meet the Zionist leaders, in Turkey and Palestine, to plead for a relatively small ransom fund to save many Jews from annihilation, was deceived by the chief Zionist leaders and was maneuvered by their trickery into a British prison, where he languished in despair until all those that had sent him were wiped out.

768. Rabbi Weismandel sent urgent and impassioned appeals for small funds to stave off the deportation of thousands. The assimilationists and Zionists of Switzerland and other neutral countries and of the rich communities overseas refused his request. The Reform “Rabbis” and the disloyal, to whom the public Jewish funds were entrusted, scorned the messages which Rabbi Weismandel smuggled out at the risk of his life, and they allowed the masses of Slovakian and Hungarian Jews to be transported to the German killing-centers.

769. It was because European Jews put their trust in atheistic Zionist leaders that these leaders everywhere became the lackeys of the Nazis in all the Ghettos. They were the machinery which served efficiently in the task of keeping the Jews docile and of persuading and coercing them to be sent off to their deaths. No Torah-leader ever cooperated with the Nazis in the destruction machinery.

770. Similarly, it was the “reform” and liberal Jews in the American Civil Liberties Union who fought for the Nazis to win the right to come into the open in the U.S.A. with their hate-and-kill propaganda.

771. “In the way that a man measures, so is it measured to him” (Megillah 12 B). The masses (many of them still observant) that read the periodicals of the Zionists and looked up to the anti-Torah spokesman, now saw how these same leaders were the implements of the people’s destruction.

772. The ugly face that the errant leaders display is the result of looking up to the nations for guidance, and these non-Torah spokesmen usually mimic the worst elements of the gentile world.

773. But G-d tells His people, the genuine Jews: Do you know why you are beautiful my beloved? Because your eyes, meaning your leaders, are like doves. The Torah-leaders are guided by the principles and precedents of the Torah, from which they gain many good qualities. Paramount among these is the quality of humility (“like doves”).

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