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TORAH & SCIENCE-----evolution 2

Oxymoron Posted - 27 December 2005 19:08

Darwin believed in G-d. Check "Origin of the Species."

Not to say that a pure neo-Darwinian approach is not foolish, but the idea that genetic mutations can be perpetuated if they are beneficial to the survival of the population, and thereby changes can occur (and Hashem guides them) isn't so preposterous. And many Meforshim hold that the Sheshes Yimei Bereishis weren't 24 hour days anyway, so the time-window is irrelevant.

Yes, I know that evolution has been discussed on the forums before, but I think that the idea that evolutionary theories MUST be mutually exclusive to a belief in G-d is at least possibly questionable.

MODERATOR Posted - 27 December 2005 19:53

"Many Meforshim" are who hold the days of creation were not 24 hour days? Nope. That’s simply not so. Please tell me who these many Meforshim are. (And please don’t quote me misrepresented statements of Meforshim that "al pi penimiyus hadevorim" days mean things other than time periods. These statements are not meant to preclude the simple pshat of days being days, but are rather intended to add an additional meaning to the Posuk besides the peshuto shel mikrah).

The Gemora in Avodah Zorah, of course, says the world is 6,000 years old.

And you are also not providing any evidence at all of any evolution. Why in the world should anyone believe it? Except for the fact that the atheists have to (What Darwin believed or didn’t believe was irrelevant. Of course you can believe in G-d and also believe in evolution. But if you do believe in G-d you have no logical reason to believe in evolution.)

And you also still haven’t explained how species survived before the evolutionary process completed.

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