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SCHAR V'ONESH-----yesh misah b'lo chet?

I don’t know what gemara you’re quoting, but the Gemara Shabbos 55b says "Shma Minei: Yesh Misah B'Lo Chet, V'Yesh Yissurin B'Lo Avon"

The Meforshim ask your question. Other places in Chazal it says the opposite (Medrash Rabbah Vayikra 37 and more). The Rambam in Moreh Nevuchim (III:24) and in his letter to Marsailles writes that we all believe Ain Misah Blo Chet etc. Here are some answers:

The Maharal (Ch. Agados Shabbos) says that for sure only a sin can cause death. Moshe and Aharon died because of the sins of others. That's what Yesh Misah b'lo chet means. But someone had to have sinned.

The Yaaros Dvash (II:16) explains that there definitely has to be a sin to cause death, and the Gemora in Shabbos merely means that the sin does not have to come because of the intrinsically sinful part of a person, but can rather come because of the "outside snake" that causes people to sin since Adam Harishon did his chet.

The Shelah (Taanis, Drasha for Churban Habayis) also writes that there has to be sin to cause death, and the Gemora in Shabbos means merely that death can also be caused by those small sins that it is basically impossible to avoid.

The Shaarei Haleshem (I:3) points out that the Zohar says explicitly that everyone dies because of a sin with the exception of those explicitly stated who died because of the Nachash. He also says that according to the Arizal, even "B'atav shel nachas" means a sin as well, just of a different type.

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