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MOSHIACH-----when is he coming?


Cookie Posted - 22 January 2003 19:13

When is he coming already?

MODERATOR Posted - 22 January 2003 19:31


You don’t need to know when he's coming. It doesn’t matter. Our job is to do Mitzvos. Moshiach will come when he comes.

More: You’re not supposed to know! First, part of being in Golus means not knowing when the Geulah comes - for when you know the time of the Geulah, you are really, in essence, already redeemed (Maharal).

Second, one of the things we know about Moshiach's coming is that it will be a surprise - meaning, we will not know how or when it will be. If we envision Moshiach's coming in a certain way, then for sure it will be a diff way.

The reason for this is, when Moshiach comes, the Satan dies. SO the Satan focuses all his energy on trying to make Moshiach not come. Therefore, to protect Moshiach, so to speak, Hashem makes moshiach come in such an unexpected fashion, so as to "hide" him form the Satan.

If we know the specs of Moshiach’s arrival then the Satan knows it too, and then he will try to make sure they never happen. We will not know the details of Moshiach’s coming till he comes - then it’s too late for the Satan to do anything about it.

Thank G-d you DONT know when or how Moshiach is coming. if you did, that would likely prevent his arrival altogether.

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